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Doggy Style
Crackpot Mailbox: Jesse James Bowie and James Discuss the Law of the Future
10:43 PM (3 minutes ago)
The question to be asked: did doggy spit or swallow?
Jesse James Bowie
Sir, down there in Texas, you already have a ringside seat to mestizo savagery.
I had my own ringside seat to urban savagery for four decades. And now, as I conduct a kind of remote viewing of my ancestral morality sink, I have a dream!
However nasty mestizo machismo gets, it may be preferable to ebony savagery. The Daily Mail articled cited a statistic that there are only 12.8 rapes per 100,000 Mexicans, where, in Baltimore City Schools, rapes are at about 10 per 1,000 students. Indeed, student-on-teacher beatings in Baltimore schools are around 10 per every 100 Baltimore teachers per year. I'd say that Baltimore City schools would be more functional if they were privatized and sold to Mexican drug cartels to own and operate. Guaranteed every graduating student would have a job and none of the teachers would be abused by giant toddlers.
Oh, it always feels so good to solve the ills of Western Civilization before bedtime.
Letters from the Fall; Civilization Decomposes
Paperback – April 18, 2019 by James LaFond & Jesse James Bowie
Letters from the Fall is a guide to the pitfalls of living and owning real estate in suburbia in our age of social decay. It provides a fitting preface to Civilization Decomposes, a compendium of evidence in support of the title, and resources to cope with the hyper-violent future that may be closer than most anyone realizes. If you ever wished you had a list of recent news items related to migration and violence, this book is the answer to your wish. Both authors provide good-faith advice and resources for those interested in developing their ability to survive in the uncertain but assuredly brutal times to come.James LaFond is a self-defense expert, providing guidance in practicing situational awareness in urban settings, boxing and fighting with weapons other than firearms. Jesse James Bowie is a recluse based in the West Texas Hills, watching his predictions come true from his off-grid bunker.
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