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'No Clue with Guns'
Crackpot Mailbox: MRT is Wondering Why James Avoids Gun Ownership
...I think you could have an Article for each Paragraph and if you feel like it please do, while writing there are many more questions that are poping in my head so i'll try not to write much now.
"I have no clue with guns, have never lived anywhere where I could legally own and use a gun for self defense or carry it for same."
I'll take a wild guess that every thug in Baltimore has one judging by their accomplishments.
I have previously owned, illegally, two guns.
A roommate bought me a 20 gauge, breach-loading shotgun for $60 and an AR-7 survival rifle for $98 in 1982.
I got the AR-7 modified to a pistol grip configuration with a barrel guard so it would be good for indoors and then gave it away to a friend after my second son was born, for he wanted to get into anything I owned and would have eventually found this thing while I was at work.
If I have to keep something in a safe, how useful will it be when the door gets kicked in?
I was never any good with it when I went to the range, which was every few years. I had been prohibited from using guns as a boy by my parents and had no baseline skill and I have very shaky hands.
I kept the 20-gauge and two rounds of birdshot [dove and quail low brass load] to repel home invaders, figuring I'd do more damage clubbing them with this ugly steel pipe after firing the sub-lethal load. As described in my book When You're Food, I used this 20 gauge [I dropped one of the shells on the way downstairs] to face down the 5 savages demanding my 16-year-old son and threatening to burn my house down, and had only the one shell in the breech.
I found out, after I chased them off without firing a shot, that the police officer did not respond to the three phone calls of a black-on-ghost home invasion attempt, and the cops had not responded to the 10-youth mob attacking my son in the front yard the day before. But they had sent one piglet to investigate me over the call that went out that a paleface was facing off against a pack of blacks with a gun.
I gave that thing away to a friend within days. I knew then that the State was only worried about making sure that palefaces got punished for defending themselves with guns and that mobs of negroes attacking pales was not a concern. Indeed, the State was moving these folks into my neighborhood to drive me and other unwanted home buyers away.
Since then, almost every case of a guilt ghost using a gun to defend himself in the Baltimore area has been prosecuted and almost no investigation has been done concerning the hundreds of negro shootings a year.
The lesson is clear to any who think, that negroes are not seen as a threat to the State and the paleface is.
In retrospect, I could have handled those negroes with a brick and a baton—which I had at hand—so I decided to avoid gun use, with one of the reasons being my incompetence with the weapon and my lack of opportunity to learn anything about it. I was supporting a family on a $11 an hour job. I could not afford an air conditioner let alone instruction, a safe, ammo, shooting range fees, etc. The greater point is that it became painfully obvious to me over the years since that gun ownership puts a mark on the slave citizen of America. A man in my area of Maryland was executed by police in his home for not turning over his gun because some bitch complained that he should not own guns and the Red Flag law kicked in.
So, were I able to gain gun proficiency by letting my host in Utah gift me hundreds of dollars of ammo to train with, what chance would I stand against a SWAT team of former military goons?
I ask that question, because that is what gun ownership by palefaces ultimately brings.
Note that 20-40 black mass shooting a week go unreported nationally yet one government-sponsored mass shooting by a mixed race "white man" a week is enough to have most Americans calling for an end to private gun ownership.
Due to the non PC tone of my writing, if I were known to own a gun I would be subject to Red Flag assassination sooner rather than later.
Also, I am homeless. A homeless man, by definition, cannot own a gun without breaking numerous, municipal, state and federal laws.
Thanks for your question, MRT.
Rubbing Out Palefaces
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MRTSeptember 10, 2019 5:59 PM UTC

Here in Europe people are extreme anti gun, what they fail to understand is that while they are anti gun the Albanian Mafia , the Georgian Mafia and all the other Ethnic Mafias have guns.

Probably not only the Mafias , a colleague of mine at work in Germany once told me he wanted a gun , i asked wtf he wanted one, he said because everybody had, mind you everybody in his community this being the Half moon former nomadic one.

In the country side at least in south Europe is different , maybe because there is virtually no police to protect ... either the slave citizen or the thug. I get a feeling if a revolt starts it will be from the country folks ,they are more genuine , the city folks just follow the standardized reactions.

"The lesson is clear to any who think, that negroes are not seen as a threat to the State and the paleface is."
responds:September 11, 2019 12:20 AM UTC

The situation you describe in Southern Europe is analogous to the situation in Western America.