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‘Didgeridoo Man’
Crackpot Mailbox: Anonymous Reader from Down Plunder Sends in an End Time Head's Up
‘Didgeridoo Man’ Kym Abrook confronts alleged home invader outside court
Mitch Mott, The Advertiser August 6, 2019 6:30pm
An Adelaide man who achieved fame for chasing a home invader down the street sporting only underwear and a didgeridoo has confronted the accused burglar outside court.
Check out the full story and the video below.
I don't know what a Didgeridoo is, but it looks like a likely hoodrat abatement tool.
Apparently there is an invasion of Amish thugs hitting the streets of Australia just like they are in suburban and urban America. It is amazing that the man with the Didgeridoo was not arrested, for what he did would have racked up felonies in America. It is doubly amazing that the police arrested the innocent home invader rather than the intolerantly "spacist" Mister Abrook.
Furthermore, it is commendable that the press in Australia actually recognize the crime of Home Invasion, a term increasingly taboo in American media and law enforcement. America is cucked indeed.
My prediction is, that as that forced Turd World immigration is thrust upon America, that home invasions will become the highest growing crime, that the term will virtually be banned [well underway] across the nation and that a new term for unreasonable palefaces jealous of their ill-gotten "private" space will be coined. These reprobates will be called spacist, being guilty of spacism against unspaced people. In the future, if the world's axis continues to tilt Leftward, spacist fiends like Abrook will be sentenced to taking on housemates from among unspaced immigrants, just as American Colonists were once forced to house and feed the King's Red Coats.
You heard it here first!
Okay, now I know why the man is a hero, he used a musical instrument to frighten away the intruder, the didgeridoo being an aborigine instrument, which, I suppose, rendered him politically correct by default. Perhaps I should travel with a really hard, cheap electric guitar?
There is a whole channel devoted to didgeridoo battles on you tube:
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