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The Master Race in Action
Crackpot Mailbox: Truthisms of the New Knightly Order with Shep and Big Ron
Watch "Bodycam Video contradicts NAACP President’s Racial Profiling Facebook Claim @hodgetwins" on YouTube
Thu, Sep 12 2019
Check out home boys spitting some truthisims.
Take care.
Big Ron
Mood: Uplifted!
Thu, Sep 12, 10:22 PM (15 hours ago)
Typical taffy pull turns into attempted vehicular homicide!
Gentlemen, imagine, if you will, being a watchman in medieval times, charged with challenging any horseman entering the town at night, only to discover you have insulted the Grand Duke...
And furthermore, as the Queens of Postmodernity, the people with more moral authority than any other American sub-group, brawl at what looks like an industrial watering hole, with a jousting knightess of the Order of the Cottage-Cheese Thigh Garter breaking up the melee upon her steed, one might empathize with the serf of old, tilling his field and slopping his hogs as the brutes who owned the land who owned him trampled his crops under hoof as they battled over notions of respect and entitlement.
On the suppressed news front, according to a Carmel QT Vixen report from Harm City, local news reported, three days before Trump's visit to Baltimore, that a van full of gasoline drums was found in a downtown Baltimore parking garage, with no arrests reported, and no rebroadcast of the event.
The day before Trump choppered into Harm City, "a budget rent-car van" filled with drums of gasoline was stopped on I-695, the road closed for a potential hazard, with no arrests reported and no rebroadcast of the event known to my reporter, who has a nice little rack and is therefore an eminent news source.
What the funk could have been up?
In other news the Harm City Hoodrats apparently lost some shooters in the last round of murders a week ago, for the body count clime has levelled, with bodies dropped on the year at: 242 with 15 dropped in the last 13 days.
I am hoping for another grand slam in the top of the 9th inning. But, as it stands, if no one else got killed in Baltimore this year, Harm City would still beat Chicongo, Dookietroit and the other top 25 cities in America.
Expect Saint Louis to take the Welterweight Crown for the 5th year in a row for cities under 500K.
Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time
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