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Cracker-Boy and The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Now On Sale Direct On This Site


The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

Only two of the first 7 Plantation America books are big and therefore pricy in print.

Also, we will be doing no more kindle ebooks due to the fact that they defrauded me of 11 cents this time last year.

Petty grudges aside, we realize that titles like Cracker-Boy, including the following three volumes: American Spartacus, The 13th Tribe and A History Denied, will be coming in at 700 pages, with the final book possible a twin-volume 1,000 page tome. This is stretching the knucklehead budget a bit, with books over $30. So, we are making PDFs available here at the site, where you know all of the money will go towards running this outlet and buying me rum and tequila, rather than feeding an evil social media empire.

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