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Crackpot Mailbox: Riley and James Discuss the Center of Universal Disgust
California adds another state to its "no travel" list
Sep 15, 2019, 11:46 PM (1 hour ago)
If I had stayed at home, eaten my grits and ostensibly worshipped, I would no doubt be governor of my home state now. Had that happened, I would on this day order the jailing of any resident of California until his Cali issued ID was bonded and verified as accurate, should the resident so much as jaywalk in my state. Any Cali company doing business of the slightest type within my blessed borders would pay tariffs 2X the current Chinese ones.
All items mailed or shipped to or from Cali would be searched by autistic or otherwise disabled minority children under no supervision, except to shovel the processed items out monthly onto open rail cars.
I would issue a declaration of virtual war to California, and infect all Cali digital assets with malware, while suing them for offering offense to their betters.
Finally, I would issue a public challenge to the states of TX, OK, KY, IA and any other state thus insulted, and enquire just when, and by whom their balls ( or comparable female thingies) were whacked off and strung like shriveled ears, about diseased deviant too-tan necks in Cali. We need these lunatics far less than Canada or Mexico, the other foreign countries upon our borders.
Oh well, I got stoned and missed it.
Sent from Riley
"Back in 2016, California passed a new law (Assembly Bill 1887) establishing a naughty list of states that don’t conform to their high moral standards. The bill created a travel ban, forbidding state-funded or endorsed travel to states that failed to provide “protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.” They quickly began adding states to the list, including Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Kentucky. (Clever readers are probably noticing a pattern already.)"
Read more at:
Riley, as a wise old Confederate gentleman recently told me, "You're damn near half a Yankee," so forgive my snickering border state cynicism as I rejoice at the further implosion of the American Mind. Putting aside any notion of sentience on the part of the Soy-Built Brain is a healthy practice. And, just as I herald the feral American negro as the canary in the fool mine, waking us from our trusting slumber like Kali shoving a knife under Vishnu's thumbnail to worn of Allah's intentions, we should rejoice at the fact that our social executioners are jabbering about how they are going to part our heads from our shoulders rather than just biding their time like sensible man-hunters.
Government bless them and their hectic crusade. If they had waited ten years we'd all still be dreaming the dreams of a guilt-sodden god, a tear streaking our cheek and pooling on our dais-like couch for every deed our kind had ever done in the absence of concern for the abject inferiority complex our success would instill in the hearts of the slothful mass of muddy humanity.
How dare we ever aspire to more than servitude!
Hail the Young Kings of Dissolution for giving us a chance to slip a message into a bottle to float down the unplumbed River of Time.
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