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A Righteous Man
Crackpot Mailbox: The Plight of Stevedore Jackson
Nice day for a funeral
Tony Cox
Mon, Sep 16, 11:29 PM (12 hours ago)
When Big Tony and I used to stay up until 5:30 AM knocking back cheap beer and cheaper rum in wintry Portland, unsolving the world's deserved woes, there would come times when one of us unworthies would reach for a beer or the bottle of rum and find less there than we recalled before we had walked off to water the flowers behind the black 54 Cadillac in the junk yard.
It would go something like this: "James LaFond, what the fuck! Where's the last beer?"
Or: "Hey, Big Man, I thought there was another four-pack of Rainier up in here?"
Then, as silence gathered around the question, we'd roll eyes round about wondering at the sudden creaking in the walls, for the walls had not creaked a case of beer and a bottle of rum ago, and we'd say, "Stevedore!"
As you all might have noticed, I haven't written a Stevedore story since leaving Portland and one of the last things Big Tony told me was that he'd be sending the old coot back on the Mega Bus...
Well, come autumn, I'm headin' down Richmond way to buy me another slave...
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