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‘Nobody Have Control on Them’
I love these chimpout videos in the background with bemused ghost folk commenting in the foreground. There needs to be a lot more of this kind of thing to wake up the collective Ghost God from his-her [yep, Western Civilization is a tranny] drugged slumber. Ebon hes and shes are doing the dying pale races a favor as they savage the safe civic places that have turned the world’s greatest conquerors into sissies. These savage wenches are redressing the high trust conditions necessary for our degeneration. A cop being assaulted and battered by a feral wench, who grabs her and cuffs her in his own defense is cast as a villain in violation of the Chuck Norris rule, because, he was a man…
In the second clip is an Indian or Pakistani man who owns a retail outlet which has suffered repeated mob looting. The owner, speaking through a mouth which has had most of the teeth knocked out with right hand punches, says “Dey put the threat on us. We cannot touch them,” as well as the title quote. What does he think this is? In Medieval Times, did a shopkeeper in Indian, Persia or Normandy have recourse when the local lord pillaged his tent? No, he is being taxed by the only effective force on the ground.
America will not have a hope of waking from its guilt stupor until every retail outlet in the nation is subjected to mob looting on a daily basis. But even then, can this sissy nation, capable of murdering sleeping children in Yemen, Pakistan and other nations with exploding model airplanes yet incapable of standing up against our own dysgenic spawn, ever awaken from the living death of Modernity?
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