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Surviving the Paleface Purge
Notes on Negotiating the Managerial Econocide of Our Kind
There are two great villains in academia, media and politics:
-“White People” the fantasy-based scapegoat race established as a repository for multicultural rage and guilt in the modern mind slave matrix
So, if you are a paleface, expect to be driven from the workplace, especially government and medical workplaces, as medical establishments are seeking to become the governing corporations of the post-national future.
The only viable strategy for a paleface man, who wishes to succeed economically without being self-employed, is to stay on the lower rungs of the corporation, municipal agency or other economic or political entity. For paleface men are being avidly sought as scapegoats at the highest levels of government and the corporate world, beginning with the man named Trump.
There are pitfalls to all strategies. I had 4 years of experience as a workplace climber, which ended horribly, which caused me to spend 30 years staying on the bottom, which was highly stressful but survivable, and 4 years of upper management—an unequalled nightmare still plaguing my dreams to this day. I avoided a total of 13 promotions to middle rungs, knowing that it was a back-stabbing scapegoat zone, and finally accepted a general management position. I then found that my enemies in the workplace were the same as they had been when I was on the bottom rung, the middle management twits. My subordinate managers were forever scheming to get my best lower rung workers in trouble and force me to fire them, based on lies, intrigues and other evil practices. This was clear to me because I had been among those workers with high performance standards and a can-do attitude, which always draws a bullseye on your back among projecting sissies and women. You see, people who are willing to ruin others for a few dollars more, see themselves as good, and therefore cannot imagine another person not ruining them for a few dollars more.
The core truth about evil in this world of men is that evil folk see themselves as good and deny the possibility that others might be good. Every evil man in the workplace who is willing to make you homeless and put your children off healthcare is convinced that he is the only good man in town and that you are possessed of a thirst to do to him the evil that he is forced to do unto you due to your greed, avarice, spite and hatred—which you must be perceived as manifesting or harboring in order for him to maintain his fragile sanity. You cannot reason with the common man, for he is evil, does not know it, and is hopelessly wedded to the idea that you, as a person with high personal performance standards, are evil. Your enemy is a man without a mirror who does not know himself.
Add to this the fact that men are considered evil by our entire social structure and that “whites” are regarded as evil by birth, and you are the target of the ongoing purge to render paleface men jobless and homeless. This represents a systemic hive instinct to eradicate the only type of person who has ever succeeded in conquering the homelands of other types of people. Only folk of Northern and Western Eurasia have ever conquered regions outside of their homeland. People running nations and hive economies know this and do not want to go the way of the Aztecs. Being a living, thinking paleface makes you the enemy of all hive kind.
What is the first clue that your job experience will end badly?
You come on the job, do as much and learn as much as you can and try to excel, using effort and initiative and you are told, “Knock it off and settle down. Don’t rock the boat.”
When this happens know that you have been flagged as the enemy of your every coworker.
Another variation, found in female-dominated or heavily emasculated workplaces, is that your background, working in a more masculine or more demanding workplace, is seen as a threat. As a grocer, coming from high volume stores into low volume environments, I was targeted for violence, harassment and termination often, as my supervisors saw that I was better at the job than they and identified me as a threat, never believing my protestations that I did not want their job, for their job was the pinnacle of their wretched life experience and they could not imagine not stepping on a less able person to achieve their economic status.
Men coming from pro sports, the military, rougher jobs than their current assignment, and higher stress versions of their current assignment—maybe within the same company—will be targeted for harassment and termination by all of their coworkers who stand between them and the top of the hierarchy.
The levels of harassment generally follow this progression:
1-Knock it off Hot Shot.
2- No one taught me, so you figure it out yourself, Hot Shot.
3-You’re weird, tell me about your weird life, because I care about you.
4- Your weird ass is scary. You probably own guns, read nutty books and are involved in some dangerous sport.
5-You are a danger to customers and coworkers, based solely on your physicality, race or intelligence or a combination of the above moral deficiencies and will be censured. This might take the form of a write up for some technical point that has no rational bearing on your job performance but exists as a protocol for middle management to weed out free thinkers.
6-People who feigned friendship or interest in you early on will twist words from conversations they initiated and attempt to depict you as anti-establishment or a workplace danger. Keep in mind that although most workplace violence is committed by women and men of color, that the media has assured that most of the public see workplace violence as exclusively a “white male thing.”
7-Middle management will go to great, and usually poorly documented, lengths to discredit you in the eyes of upper management and get you terminated.
8-Eventually, you will be framed for workplace negligence after being assigned to work with an employee tasked with doing something wrong and blaming you for it. Maybe you are not supposed to leave the work site, but you are directed to, or are not supposed to be alone with a customer but your partner leaves. If they fail to get you on being weird or ant-social or threatening they will frame you up for falsified workplace negligence. I had a night captain who used to refuse to unload the truck and assign me to do it, which put me behind on finishing my aisles. He would then claim that I goofed off instead of doing my work and actually claimed to have unloaded the truck by himself.
No one in this organization will ever believe that you do not want to displace them from their sacred mountain, termite mound though it may be.
Survival Strategies
This includes lining yourself up for a successful law suit.
-Among coworkers, only discuss work, never personal or creative interests. Lunch break is your enemy. Do not gossip, ever.
-When coworkers try and draw you out in conversation, politely decline. Do not give them the silent treatment, for in this negrofied world, that is regarded as a sure sign that you are a serial killer. Say “no comment,” or commit to only answering questions with questions.
-The only time to be silent is when you are threatened. In such cases say nothing and look away.
-Document the date and time of every harassing statement or act. Get a quote and write it down. Always keep a memo pad on you.
-Citing number 8 above, be sure to note camera angles in the workplace.
-When confronted or harassed always step away, never to the harasser. Closing distance is considered assault in many jurisdictions and sissies always regarded closing distance in conversation as a threat.
-Document, document, document! You will find that these people going after you are all lazy. Indeed, this is why they hate you! They will not have precise documentation and you will.
-Seek out immediate supervisors and ask them advice on getting another job, somewhere else, to give them the impression that you are not sticking around. If they report this to the Honcho, say, “Well, Sir, I am subject to constant workplace harassment. Here are my notes. I am seeking other avenues of employment against the time I am terminated so that I do not have to file for unemployment.” Your employer pays that unemployment. You have just made a veiled threat and offered peace terms at the same time.
-Never agree to a conversation involving the big boss and your supervisor, who is trying to fuck you. He is always trying to get rid of you. Seek one-on-one meetings with the Top Man. This is an instinct among negroes for good reason. African Americans know that all of their homeboys are trying to undermine them and act accordingly. You are the new American Nigga, so act like it and take a page out of his book. Most “white” men in the postmodern workplace possess a lower character than any white supremacist of the past ever attributed to the “black” man.
-The only people you can even dream about allying with in the workplace when management comes down on you, is men of other, lower races, who have an inculcated hatred for the hierarchy, because they do not yet realize that it now favors them instead of you. "White" men will always throw you under the bus because they believe in the hierarchy and thirst to climb its temple stairs and throw your body down its length. You cannot trust those men of other races to do anything for you, but you can at least gamble on them not cooperating with the power structure. Example: when I was attacked by two negroes and drew a knife, a “white” lady called the “white” cops on me and a milk chocolate girl hid me out from the pigs. This is a perfect example of the paleface habitually sucking the cock of the atheistic God of Things and the negro instinctively resenting the machine that has elevated them above us. These are angles for survival—use them.
-The honcho is your only hope, and comes in three varieties:
1-The Climber, who worked his way up and will probably fuck you over big time, is made of the same weak, backstabbing stuff as middle management. Your only hope against him is never making a mistake and making sure that he knows that you document everything. Your armor is your latent law suit.
2-The Dragon Lady, a woman who parachuted in from university to take over, who—especially if she is none-white—yearns for a "white" man in secret to solve all of her problems. She might take your side, but there will always be a pitfall price. She will either demand sex or demand that you accept promotion.
3-The Administrator, a man who has come in from outside, because ownership knows they can’t trust the scumbag climbers, will be the only man on site as alienated as you. This is your natural ally. Let me tell you the story of six Johns. These are all real names.
John Butrim was my store manager, who hated me for being strange and feared me, but loved my work and wanted more of it, so he pressured me to quit my side jobs so I’d be his boy. I declined, so…
John Pervis, his assistant, made me work overtime without getting paid, pointing out that the union would not back me, because I was a “fucking scab.”
John Zigline, who managed three non-union stores, one of which I worked for, offered me an additional job right up the street from my main location at the union store and I took it. He had actually trained Butrim and Pervis and said to me, “I don’t know why they’re so bitter. I never let them work in a store where we had Jewish clientele.”
While working at Gersebecks, the store I would return to 25 years later after retiring from management…
John Stricker, District Manager of the union chain, who would eventually manage Gersebecks 25 years later and hire me, was walking through the frozen food section and caught me—his best night clerk working for the enemy by day—and I could tell in his eyes he was going to give me the ultimatum, starve working for him 36-hours a week [as I had been bumped after unexpected store closure and had to pick up extra jobs to make the difference] or starve working these 5 small jobs. I was on my knees stocking frozen French fries, then…
John Ryder, the fucking MAN, CEO of Metro/Basics, standing under his tall lackey, sees me and walks over and I begin to apologize for working on the side and he says, “As long as you’re still with us I don’t care what you do. I just want to know if that little shit Butrim is treating you right. If that prick ever fucks with you let me know.”
I said, "Thank ye, Sir," and shook his hand and then I smirked at Stricker as his face went blank and I knew I had the key, Ryder was an outsider too. Once he was walking behind me as I left the store, Him and Butrim and Pervis, the two of them trying to block his view from the unauthorized orange juice display I had built, and he stopped and said, “Look at that!” As they began to apologize, he pointed at me walking away and said, “That's my fucking hippie—he’s the best fucking clerk I got!”
John Ryder even asked me once if he should reprimand or demote, Tommy Vaccino, a manager handling me at the time, right in front of Tommy!
The Top Man is always your best bet when the men he has little confidence in, because he walks all over them on a daily basis, threaten you.
John Garret was a "black" [brown, actually] man who managed me while I was under a grocery manager [Ken] and night captain [Ralph] in between us trying to fire me. They decided to give me off a week so they could pay someone less to freight the frozen food at the Fort Avenue store and be payroll heroes and Ryder came in, saw the section and started screaming, “Where’s my fucking hippy,” points to Garret towering over him, “You stupid motherfucker, I should send you to Dover,” and points to the assistant manager who told me the story and says, “And you, you little shit, you should know better!”
A “white” hipster lady shopping called the police on Ryder, thinking this was a mob shakedown, and Ryder even offered the responding cop a job as head of security if he’d administer corporal punishment to his management staff and sends the guy away with a gift certificate and a box of doughnuts!
Look, you endangered palefaces, in the long run, you need to work as consultants, partners, and business owners. In the shortfall, you need to:
-Play the documentation game, which no one in middle management is good at.
-Make it known that this workplace is not your goal and that you are starting your own business or moving on ASAP.
-Use enemy palefaces as pawns.
-Ally with POCs, with no illusions that they will have your back, for they are easily influenced and you might as well be their puppet master.
-Let the Big Boss know that you only care what he thinks and that 100% of your loyalty is with him, not your coworkers, supervisors or even the company [though be cagey on this last point] which puts you totally in his power, a tool he will throw away in a pinch, but will want to hang onto to beat his shitbag underlings over the head with until his gig is finally up, then you crash and burn with him and move on to better things. This asymmetrical alliance, between the Omega Man and the Alpha Male against the simpering, scheming hive of rancid, pale Beta Male cunts, I have used in the combat arts political arena, in the workplace, in management and in criminal situations, with a 100% success rate.
It’s a natural fit, so have a talk with the Honcho, keep everything positive and can-do and rise above the steaming pile of humanoid shit which is all that remains of the world’s once great races.
Remember that 90% of men of all American races are functionally bitches.
On Bitches
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WellRead EdSeptember 19, 2019 2:59 PM UTC

Quote: "The core truth about evil in this world of men is that evil folk see themselves as good...."

Brother, you said a mouthful. If you ever want to read a glaring example of this very phenomenon, read "Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland" by Christopher R. Browning. OR, you could study the war in the Balkans during the 90's: 3 factions committing atrocities against one another in the name of Ethnic Cleansing. Or read Aleksander Solzhenitsyn; he writes extensively about this very thing in The Gulag Archipelago.

In any event, if anyone, be it politician, poet, or policeman, speaks about 'The Greater Good' make tracks away from them as fast as possible, and then equip yourself for what's coming.
responds:September 19, 2019 9:16 PM UTC

Thanks for the book recommendations.

Yes, The Greater Good is a most jealous God.