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A Fractional Autonomy Concept for the High Tech Dark Age
A lady being beset by invalidators recently spoke to me in search of advice on “standing up for myself.”
This is a phrase that I don’t like for the cause of personal autonomy. My sense of autonomy is what I call “fractional” because we live in a slave matrix under a system possessed of limitless ability to squash the individual. We can’t just pick up and move away from The System. So, for the cause of sanity, I suggest carving out a sustainable autonomy covering a survivable aspect of your life. Currently, with society having turned against the individual, seeking an erasure of our identity, many folks on the concerned Right have been caught up in the idea of a greater autonomy, of having a nation for their people, having a president for their concerns. These are just control buttons to keep you engaged in seeking outcomes you have no means of effecting, like stopping population replacement at the ballot box when the population replacement is occurring with the consent of most politicians in order to stuff the ballot box against you and keep you forever down…
Now, on the addled Left and in the cucked Center, the stress is on “standing up for myself,” to be your own advocate, to broadcast your pain and concerns to the world so that the world can more thoroughly fuck you over.
So, I suggested to the lady, “Just stand.”
I failed to communicate my meaning in words but will try and do better below.
Standing up for yourself, pleading your case, is plaintive and reeks of weakness and poor position. And the skulking invalidators thirsting for the destruction of your peace-of-mind and self-esteem will home in on your concerns and make of your plea for relief, understanding and fairness a wrecking zone for your peace-of-mind.
For a deeper peace I would suggest simply standing within like a boxer does, developing the instinct to maintain your inner fortitude despite the worst disaster. Some folk think that boxers stand for the crowd, to please them, without understanding that most fight fans shouting when a boxer goes down are feasting vampire-like on his spirit, siding with the man who felled him as their avatar and cheering his demise. Recently, when Tyson Fury was felled by Deontay Wilder a few cheered for him as many thirsted for his demise, so that when he did rise, he defeated them all, not just the honorable opponent, but the legions of ghouls savoring his demise.
Simply staying whole and upright within and not wilting on the outside, frustrates your social enemies far more than contesting their projections of negativity and hate.
Just stand, not for yourself, but to cause the fiends that feast on our spirit to be starved of their sustenance for so long as you remain unjustifiably you.
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