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Ice Age Wage
Considering the Facility of Our Holy Lie
I wrote this in the Spring, on the East Coast, and now, as snow falls on the mountain above me in Utah and I rest for my hike into it, I’m posting it in the first days of Autumn.
Civilization is the Lie that tells us that God set other men over us.
Modernity is the Lie that nothing is what it seems but is at its core different than our perception and the opposite of our worry it engenders.
America, combining the slavish precepts foundational to civilization with the incongruent cultism of modernity, is the Lie perfected, the Lie elevated to Godhood.
The slave-mind of the civilized cipher, living according to the mantras of the internationalist viper, brings about the conditions necessary for consistent, manageable mass hysteria.
These are the foundational lies:
-That America was founded in the cause of liberty, when the only liberty sought by its founders was the modern rebirth of Roman-style industrial slavery.
-That the only slaves brought to America were 330,000 Africans, who were enslaved in absolutely unique conditions never imposed upon any other people, when, in fact, about 3 million [it may be higher and can’t be lower than 2.5 million] Europeans were enslaved according to the exact conditions as Africans in America while an additional 2 million were enslaved in North Africa under worse conditions.
These two falsehoods alone continue to serve as the twin fonts of Right and Left social discord to the boon of the master class, which soars in numbers and relative wealth compared to the slave masters of yore—particularly in this land that is, on Her burnished face, nothing but a painted whore of nations.
I hate America because I am Her slave and She is the penultimate expression of the Lie. I hate her admiringly, for she is perfection, with roughly 95% of Her slaves buying one version or the other of the dueling falsehoods seeping from her perverse polarity. As Ezra Pound said, [from memory] “The art of infamy is to propose two opposing lies as the truth and to get people arguing over them,” and control the bleating herd from a falsely affected position of maternal neutrality.
Such politics are excellent internal control mechanism for a political entity which assumes the ability to project force outward and inward and claims a monopoly on force for the benefit of those it pillages.
Various means have been employed to convince the slaves of Modernity that the bestial mechanism of their control is good and not evil. These “feints” and traps, I believe include: libertarianism and white nationalism, as the traps for active minds seeking a way out of servitude and globalism and Social Justice to harness the passivity of the true slave mind [which must predominate in any civilization] as the engine for human reduction.
Therefore, in the final roundup, the State will side with the slave herd of the Left over the deluded rams of the Right and set their dogs on those suckling at the nipple of the liberty lie.
The greatest and most recently failing social justice scam shamelessly harnesses the slave impulse to imagine himself as a cell of a body politic which is a collective god, with omniscient powers and knowledge.
Until about 2010, Man Made Global Warming, the idea that apes can heat the earth more efficiently than the sun, was used to ignite a global hysteria that predicted a “Water World” with rampant sea level rises and soaring temperatures.
However, except for an anomalous 2016, temperatures thus far in the 21st century have been declining while rainfall and snowfall has been increasing. These are signs of a gathering ice age, which is this Epoch of the earth’s natural state. This is corroborated by drastic reduction in sun spot activity and the fact that our interglacial period is, in chronological terms, running over. Most top climate scientists have debunked global warming to the point where social justice politics have renamed the hysteria Man Made Climate Change, again, naming us God.
As summer mornings and nights in the traditionally sweltering Chesapeake Bay Watershed remain cool for the third year running and rainfall remains above average, this ossified ape can feel the truth kiss his skin, as the north wind hits me at 20 degrees lower than normal on the sun-baked asphalt of Baltimore.
The hysterical expressions of the Lie—expressions which must be hysterical and rationally laughable to engender the masses to beg for heavier chains to weight their now virtual limbs—will continue to show fissures gaping wide enough to drive a truckload of alternative ideas through. It’s a cheery thought until one realizes that the number of humans with the free will and intelligence to unpack those ideas and apply them are as low in comparison to the slave population as were the number of Aztecs who remained alive after the smallpox epidemic in 1522 compared to the roughly 95% who died.
Feeling the Truth of the coming Ice Age, caused by observable solar cycles, in the Age of the Lie, reminds this observer that the greatest distortion inflicted upon our minds by the Master Class and their Slave Collective is the arrogant assumption that we structure the conditions of our existence.
Well, man has not made the Sahara bloom, but God will when his pale, icy hand covers the north and that wider part of Africa becomes a teaming grassland once again. Everywhere I walk in this dying city I see maple trees and bristle thorns and creeping grass shattering the pavement of man’s fleeting conquest at their own, remorseless pace, while my pathetic kind contents itself—as apes do—primarily with chattering, with the bulk of technology now devoted to social media control, which is nothing more than an electronic chimp out.
The same humans who fancy themselves the very embodiment of striving divinity [watch TV for a day, as most humans do, and imbibe the nectar of Everyman Apollo every Woman Athena] trundle along as our Masters’ pawns, dooming humanity to chattel status, bringing one to wonder:
Who is the most virtuous?
Slave or master…
Rabbit or fox…
Deer or wolf…
Zebra or lion…
Cow or tiger?
Who is to be more admired, the slave or the master?
I don’t fear America because it’s masters are evil, but because it’s teeming multitude of slaves beg on their knees to be the subject of evil, many with no higher goal than to be lauded as a sacred member of the victim elite—every fool a counterfeit Christ nailed to his slave chair with invisible spikes.
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TonySeptember 21, 2019 12:05 PM UTC

Ezra Pound was the best thing to come from Idaho since the potatoe. Let's remember it was our war heros from the greatest generation that threw him in a six foot square steel cage and carried him around Europe like a wild animal before throwing him in a mental hospital for over a decade. Let's hear it for the red, white, and blue.

Another work of genius you've managed to type up here, James.