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'The Private Sector'
Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail


These trains is nice, but it seems we got locked into this thing of individual pods. It might be that we’re just pod people now, hating the bills. I know I shudder at the thought of marching along in my socks, shoes in hand, hoping to qualify for a ride.

Perhaps a horse?

Sent from Riley

The socialist propaganda below actually gets hijacked by 'The private sector,' in a hilarious way. After ten minutes of bemoaning the lack of centralized socialistic control of population movement, the Leftoid robots interviewed end up admitting that their regulatory government sucks at building infrastructure and that we have inconvenient terrain. There is a regard of the personal automobile as a thing of horror and no understanding that the interstate system was built during the Cold War because it was harder to knockout than rail lines.

As much as I like train travel, its charm is it's slow speed while these nerds want faster, faster, faster human cattle cars. I for one, would not be interested in riding a high speed American train in the muddy American future, where affirmative action morons are going to be tasked with running and maintaining these things. Note how the Chicoms in the video below are using railroads to quash regional autonomy. One thing these eggheads do not realize is how violent trains will be in America if they become standard urban-to—suburban transportation.

Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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