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'Ethnic Cleansing'
Colin Flaherty: White Flight Ethnic Cleansing in Baltimore Families Uprooted Fleeing Black Violence
This Irishman doesn't give up!
Flaherty continues his one man crusade to inform the world that we are being hunted across the face of America, at the behest of our own kind, by their proxy thugs.
Since most of the men I coached in Baltimore have evacuated the war zone that is my home town for Lancaster Pennsylvania, I am well aware of this huge trend. Interestingly, the drug market in Southeastern Pennsylvania is served by Latino men who have been drive from New York, as well as bikers and local cops. The congestion of automobile traffic is astounding on such narrow roads after being in Baltimore with its wide boulevards nearly deserted.
But how long can it last, with even BPD cops living in Lancaster and the like?
I give it 10 years, because most of the palefaces there are hipster homesteaders who want to create a Portland in Lancaster, and only have one advantage that the people of Portland Oregon do not have, vast, nearby supplies of feral ebon warriors to import to assuage their guilty and rape their wives and beat up their children.
Lancaster will be, like the center of many small Pennsylvania towns, a negrotudinal node of ethnic cleaning within 5-10 years.
In the meantime, you know what they're running from, hell in America, with 22 kills I the past 23 days and 249 dead on the year. Of those 22 kills, 16 are race unknown, 1 "white" 1 Hispanic and 4 "black."
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