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Woke Devil Blues
An Introduction to the Ground-Breaking Sociology of Minestien
For the past three days I have been trying to finish a novel without the aid of Stevedore, who Big Tony has culturally appropriated out there in Portland. This, admitting to myself that my literary soul is fractured, drove me to consider the fact that, well, it’s all a lie!
I didn’t come up with any of that fractional autonomy, Harm City, alienation nation survival advice for palefaces. No indeed, I stole it all from this big-brained boy who I stuffed in a dumpster when I stole his notes for the Rising back in 2011—even before I won Stevedore fair and square in a big negro fight behind Brennen’s Pub in Hamilton Baltimore. You see, I just reverse engineered that handbook for wiping out Whitedevilkind, penned by the repentant descendent of Big-Headed Yakub.
See, this here Minestien codified the Hunt for Whitey, a veritable handbook for rubbing out palefaces and I done stolen most of his concepts as book titles. So it’s about time I come clean—in time. I’m gonna milk this cow, still bein’ a devil en all.
Checkout the tab at the top right of the page next to the Harm City tab. You see, right there it says Laws of Thot-Ho Dynamics. You click on that anytime you needs ta get you sum wokedness…
Sorry about that, but the genius of Minestien is such that every time I delve into his work—contained on a marble notebook and coded in crayon—that I begin to regress to my Irish roots.
Essentially, what Minestien has done, is gifted the recently promoted master class of this nation with a handbook on culling their fallen predecessors. For instance, this week, in Frederick County, Maryland, two Relative Collectivists stomped out a paleface “for no reason,” and the County Sheriff is calling it a hate crime. Well, some men in grey suits and sunglasses will be rapping on his door and straightening his ass out to be sure. Don’t be the unwoken devil caught without a seat in our quickening game of musical morality chairs.
Learn from the master, the Theory of Relative Collectivity and the Laws of THOT-Yo Dynamics and understand the future of Relative Collectivity and learn how to identify and predict the behavior of Reparations Recovery Agents.
Questions will be fielded under this tab, so long as the reader addresses his query to the body of Minestien’s work.
Thank you for your support and your remarkable tolerance of my various plagiaristic sins and literary grift.
James LaFond, 9/26/2019
Rubbing Out Palefaces
Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback
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