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Messages in a Malt Liquor Bottle
Crackpot Mailbox: Low IQ Dining Means High IQ Whining

Thanks to my various correspondents for feeding the black pill beast, and may we rejoice, for some of our sissy kind might now awaken and join the reparations feast.

For the record, I think that all attacks by oppressed ebon avengers and goon-suited political police upon gilded guilt ghosts are, as Aristotle would say, "to the good," bringing the pallid spawn of our simpering "Boomer" and "Silent" forefathers one step closer to God and the Divine Plan for humanity.

Bring on the interesting times!

Watch "FBI came to my door today— livecast" on YouTube

The Autumnal Son

Thu, Sep 26, 12:08 PM (1 day ago)

The Use of Low-IQ Troops in War Zone, by Gilad Atzmon - The Unz Review


While we’re at death and destruction, the best and brightest must, and are used. That’s if one wants to win in the first place.

American Pravda: Understanding World War II, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review

Thu, Sep 26, 5:09 PM (1 day ago)


A long piece, but it’s a long story, and just the thing to get you deplatformed.

Jack London?, by Linh Dinh - The Unz Review


Then there’s Jack.

Sent from Riley

Deep State Actor Outside of Harm City?


...the Feds raided someone (B.B., per the indictment) in Elkridge, MD in June 2019, and did "technical exploitation" per a search warrant of that person's cell phone the following month. They used the information from the warrants to arrest a degenerate druggie with a taste for breaking federal firearms laws, which is where it came out last week. What's odd about the case is that the Elkridge person they raided wasn't named in the indictment past the initials...


Washington Post article ( )


...The "drug" case against the defendant is pretty weak, but the transfer charge looks solid...but brings up the question again why they didn't already indict the other party.

The affidavit is from United States v. Thomasberg (1:19-mj-00407), and a public available copy is at:


-Deep State Dale

Jeremy Lloyd defends himself against a black mob attack - YouTube

Thu, Sep 26, 10:08 PM (23 hours ago)

Hard to see the knife deployed here, but it apparently worked. Charges pending.

America is in Danger and you Guys don't see it - YouTube

-Vasco de Grammar

Frederick Free For All

9:29 AM (12 hours ago)

Open season on whitey. The pestilence spreads west in MD. Ill call you soon.

Hope are well.

-Nero the Pict

Fred on Everything

Sep 26, 2019, 6:18 PM (1 day ago)

Dispatches from the Race War

All cultures are equal. At least, as things are going, they soon will be. But couldn’t they be equal somewhere e...


WellRead Ed

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