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'The Face of Everlast'
Crackpot Mailbox: Banjo Cues James on Female-to-Male Transgender Boxing
The Mexican Bruce Strauss?
Sep 26, 2019, 12:40 PM (1 day ago)
Hey James,
Care to give an analysis of this intense match? Meet the new face of Everlast.
Everlast was the first American boxing equipment company to outsource its manufacturing to China and take bread out of American mouths, so it is no wonder that they are in the lead in bringing Globo-Homo into terminal decline living rooms.
It is easier to train women to box than men, because they are weaker than men and don't try to muscle their punches as much, and Patricio was certainly the more skilled boxer in this fight, having been a women's national champion.
I scored this fight a draw. But of course, the transgender had to win—the fix was in!
Take note of the following:
-The better skilled boxer was formerly female,
-And was taller,
-And was heavier by at least one weight class, probably 12 pounds
-And had heavy-looking, hormone enhanced muscles,
-Sizzled in very hard shots to the beaner opponent to zero effect
-Could not take the hand-picked opponent's punches and had to back out.
Ultimately, the fact that a transgender, female-to-male boxer will be permitted to use hormone therapy and his foe will not, is very significant offensively, but will get him knocked out eventually, as he will be muscling up and carrying too much weight. He was almost knocked out 4 times in these four rounds, with the judges not scoring power or effect, only points, as if they were scoring a women's amateur fight.
A specific advantage that this female-to-male fighter has is a West African head, with wide-spaced eyes which prevented this fight from being a KO. But, if he ever faces harder-hitting opposition, his skull configuration will not save him. By warned, that he will not fight in his own weight class, but will always fight smaller men.
The wing-blocks of each fighter were excellent.
Hugo should be commended for serving a draw [unrecognized by the judges] to a heavier, taller, more skilled and hormone-enhanced foe.
Below is a positive boxing story from Shep.
Cool story
Wed, Sep 25, 8:31 PM (2 days ago)
America, the lovely and the lost.
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