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'Dragging Dumb Shitheads'
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist and James Discuss Occular Trauma
I used to fix this man's small-case I, but have repented as it is an endearing trait. I also like his occasional spelling alterations to our mongrel language.
Eyepatch Story
Fri, Sep 27, 10:11 AM (2 days ago)
Zup old Hobo,
Heard you fucked up your Eye.
Thats sucks. But funny enough me too got his eye fucked up and just about now i can stop wearing the eyepatch yet i still see a bit double.
Here is a story you can post how it got that far, cause it ain't from no boxing match.
You can publish this under Teutonic Fist if you want:
This could be such a nice Park. Yet the ponds are poisonous and the lawn is dirty with the shit of canada geese no one from the city cares to get rid of. My friends friends sit around a little campfire between what remains of public benches and tables of which half were looted long ago for fire wood or just damaged for the fun of destruction and so i rather take a little walk around the dark before i hear another stupid save the rainforest anecdote and totaly lose it. About half a click further you hear people bickering about around the remants of another campfire. The sort of bickering and arguing you hear when you pass nightclubs in the mourning hours where the worthless plebs who are supposed to be girlfriend and boyfriend and friends all about are getting into it with one another because they are just the oversocialized and bored and overall worthless puked up little chunks of humanity that starts to make drama out of nothing because drama is all they have left. Fuck these people and their bullshit pseudo-soap opra lives and how fate wants it a couple of such specimen is walking towards me on the little asphalt road. Vermin was my first thought, but then what passes for the declaration of a young man in these circumstances parts ways with his female companion on the path towards me in a hostile fashion, since a stranger at darkness who had peaceful intentions like bumming a cig would announce himself, like others have done it before that evening. This was hostile intention by a dumb fuck who doesn't realize that hes walking towards a minefield.
"Hey" i said as we was standing unnaturaly close infront of me.
"i gona fuck you up the ass" the stranger said, uninterruted by his female companion.
Bad mistake.
"Okay you wanna fight lets do it no need for your little monkey dance".
All of a sutten both realize the seriousness of the situation. Talking shit to a stranger in the middle of an abandoned park in the middle of the night in total darkness in retroperspective was not the best idea.
His female companion attempts to argue. I tell her to be quite and let him do it since hes obviously in desperate need for something real. And what is more real then a fight you chose yourself.
I have to keep in mind that i also have to let this dumb fucker hit me at least once to nullifie her chances to call the police.
So lets do it. Come on. Do it. I tell him while laughing at his amateurish attempts to form a fist and take a stand. He takes off running.
What the fuck. This worm seriously is taking an inrun towards me to hit me. Pathetic, but thats all i need so i let him hit me.
He lands a hit. Not a professional strike but enough to cause nose bleeding and thats all i need and the game is on. Remember how this little altercation started, with the threat of sodomy. And sodomy and bleed have things in common that now come together in a fitting allegory: Aids and Hepatitis. So i grab him on his ears and bull him towards me violently shaking my head left and right like Tyler Durdon in fightclub sprinkleing blood over him making noises and declare the infectiois potential of the red bodily fluid. At this point the female starts pleading desperatly for us to "please stop."
Too late! I wasn't the one who opend pandoras box i'am just the one inside it and i want out!
The guy pulls lose screaming and cursing like the people who are not men of violence and so they need gestures like that to cope with fear. He pretents to call over his friends who are not even there and so i start laughing again how his tough guy act turned into him shitting his pants within less than a minute. At this point he might think this turned not out to be how he thought but i think this is gona turn out how he thought just with reversed roles. I gona grab this shithead and dryhump him infront of his little girlfriend or whatever she is and in doing so destroy whatever relationship they have and cut off this line of worthless genes from reproducing, at least with one another.
I grab him, drag him further into the darkness besides the asphalt road fiendishly laughing. I tear down his jacked and his shirt, i will burn these in our campfire when its all done. I turn him around on his belly and grab his scalp and i imagined how it would be to cut if off when the desperate screams would drawn out the cutting sounds and dry skin tearing. The female starts crying and howling, "Stop it you fucking psychopath stop it you psychopath."
I turn towards her and say "Hey i'am not even here. i'am somewhere else, watching". And while i said it the guy weasled himself out from under me and now runs towards three people with flashlights, my companions from the campfire, attracted by the desperate cries of a female voice begging someone to stop, now looking for whatever evil creept around there in the dark.
"Hey guys don't let this one get away" i said with blood on my mouth, pointing at the half now naked guy who attempts to plead with them to take him away from me. Two of the three remain calm despite my appeal yet the third one, a convinced pacifist, totaly loses his shit and screams at me "What have you done again, did you bite pieces out of him or what, you psychopath".
I countered, "Don't stab me in the back you fucking backstabber".
While we argue, the probably traumatized trouble makers leg it, leaving behind the shirt i ripped from him.
We sit around the fire again where Mr Pacifist at least pretents to see the error of his behavior cheating me out of a great deal of fun while everyone else acknowledges that i did the right thing and so i throw the shirt on the fire. So don't fuck around with strangers.
True story. Next day i was blind since he hit me between nose and left eye so it was swollen and so the other eye attemts to compensate the lose and in doing so overworks and shuts down too. Yet i had the opportunity to wear an eyepatch again something i did last time about 10 years ago.
Sep 28, 2019, 6:07 PM (20 hours ago)
What do you think? Was it baaaaad attempting and probably succeeding in traumatizing that shithead. I mean physical wounds heal but psychological wounds creep up on you when you lay down to sleep. Quite frankly i enjoy that role dragging dumb shitheads into the dark. I always was a big fan of the Vietnam Era phoenix program where they go around and simply snatch up communists. No gunfights, no artillery strikes, no big kabang necessary simply snatch people and pick and pick away. And on the other hand how the domesticated herd is not able to deal with that. Every society needs bad men stalking around in the darkness to keep other bad men away from the perimeter. I also am a big fan of the old story were wicked gets punished by evil. Not that i'am evil since, you know, i'am not even there. I'am somewhere else watching.
In preface, I am insane, so take this with a grain of salt, for entertainment purposes only—me being a novelist, a slave holder and a crackpot and all.
This is a great story which I quite enjoyed and which lacked the uncommon clear resolution that must be inserted in popular fiction so that the passively observing herd is not left with indigestible narrative cud to chew on in its bleating, mooing quest to eat and shit and bicker reality to the Outer Cosmos.
These people deserve hatred, that is most people do. These scum who whine about a distant rain forest in the midst of their post-apocalyptic homeland, deserve to be hated by God above all, which I take to include Fate, the Furies and other entities which will hopefully feast on the wan flicker of essence that escapes those domesticated soul chattel when they thankfully expire.
Those two post-human creatures and the third, the pacifist, all pine for and deserve oblivion and shall earn it. Anything you can do to further wreck their mental condition and convince them that now is the time to step off the planet is objectively evil and therefore good, for what we as denatured meat-puppets in this matrix of the lie see as good, is evil, and what we see as evil is good. For instance, the greatest evil you could have done—socially speaking—in that situation would have been to KO him as soon as he threatened. But, in our worship of victimhood, only physical injury to you could justify you acting according to your God-Bestowed design. Bro, we live in Hel's pit, with bitches in charge, screeching for us to be hanged lambs and turn the other cheek.
Therefore, only actions seen as evil by society, government, media, the state, and the Satan-sucking churches are purely good outside of and within justifying and condemning contexts. Note that although you were attacked with zero provocation even your pacifist companion saw you as the bad actor, which tells us that anything The System sees as good or evil is the opposite. For instance, it is clear to most thinkers now [at most 1% of the population] that our rulers maintain loyalty among their kind through ritual child rape, and that for this reason in the obverse, that he insists on buying high-end adult pussy, that Trump is the most hated man on the planet, because he won't rape children. He will ultimately be put out of office or imprisoned post-presidentially because he could not be impelled to rape children.
Unilateral, individual violent action is good.
Collective, coerced, excused, violent actions are bad, though not as evil as passivity, guilt and entitlement behaviors, which are the holy altar of our age, and therefore evil in the eye of anything greater than our own self-heroization as holy feed cows gorging at the trough of Morpheus.
If one man acts as a man of reality as in the past, as a direct actionist, and as a consequence 8 billion post-human chattel perish when he manages to tilt the world on its axis, than said actor is blessed, being good to God, The Cosmos, and Nature by lancing the deluded pustule of posthumanity festering upon the world. However, the legions of evil, wretched, teaming consumers—uncountable mouths of the end times—will perceive his actions as evil, which they should for they are evil and therefore evil done upon them is good. This simple equation, unfathomable yet as simple as frying and egg, is beyond the ken of our kind.
What jumps out at me is, "Someone else watching."
This is a kind out-of-body experience I have only experienced when I was absolutely in the "right:"
-When the Rican and the negro were running me down like hyenas and I turned,
-When the three feral savages and the two prison thugs were trying to take my son away and threatening to burn my house,
-When a security guard accused me of stealing because I hung my jacket on an asprin shipper display outside the freezer I worked in
I have been convinced that I am undead over this past decade based on an almost comprehensive inability to experience hatred. For instance, even my lust to butcher aggressive canines two weeks ago ebbed almost immediately and I began mountain climbing and hiking pastures away from shitbag suburban dogs.
Bro, in this story, you began as a neutral being and then become evil, an action begged for by the rampant good assaulting you. In most cases what the domesticated post-human being perceives as evil is a necessary cleansing brought about by the mania of their imposition of good open lesser moral beings as they saw you, as some meat-screen to project their superiority upon, a purely moral superiority generated in a vacuum of safety, security and delusion.
I see God, gods, demons, devils, angels and avatars—like you in this situation—as necessary, cleansing, edifying, morally generative evils unleashed by an impatient Higher Conscience like antibodies upon a virus to eradicate the diseases of degeneracy, goodness, social justice, false-morality projection, guilt and entitlement.
In this posthuman world where people vie for victimhood, what Aristotle referred to as his seeking for God's expression on earth, in terms of "the good" is best represented by the Old Gods, including Yahweh before he became the estranged father to a god-lamb, when he was "the Lord of Hosts" embodied in an angry and jealous pillar of storm, like Zeus thundering punishments, Apollo darting plague, like an ice age that might cleanse this festering planet of its vermin...
We all come and we go, but virtually none of us know.
Narco Night Train
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