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Who Owns Us
Crackpot Mailbox: Two News Items from the Light Web Which Betray the Charcter of our Masters
This guy here, below, should have just went to work for one of the alphabet soup agencies of social control, but, he lacked the discipline. That's alright, there are an army of de-empathized, deracinated and otherwise denatured and identityless drones graduation from these hives every year to do the banker bidding.
7:19 AM (10 hours ago)
BuzzFeed News: A Princeton Grad Who Killed His Dad For Reducing His Allowance Was Sentenced To 30 Years To Life.
The following shakeup in the media priesthood is a symptom of the new ruling method, with the article worded in a very mischaracterizing fashion, declaring that all media are on the same team and that the leading dissident media a off base. This is a warning that apostates will not be let back into the post-Trump reform church unless they repent.
Back in the day, a loud-mouthed New York asshole who became president by some whim of Fate, would have been shot to death in Texas. But these days, he will be hounded from office and then hounded into prison afterwards.
Once the apostate network folds—and it will, because I already have knowledge of one aborted non PC news operation—the fix will be in good. USA today devotes 3 articles a day to Trump miss-stepping in the Ukraine and Nancy Poledancer has finally decided to go along with the impeachment, demonstrating that she was waiting for Intelligence operatives to bring her the heretic head in a bag before declaring dissent dead. A friend who worked in intelligence mentioned how hard it was for them to deal with Trump because he would not permit Deep State agents in his presence when talking to the head of state of another nation. He obviously knew they were looking to set him up for something, but wasn't smart enough to remember that the Ukrainian government had been installed by the very Deep State agency he has been at war with...and now they got his ass!
Look, you have 15 months before FEDs start kicking in your doors to confiscate your sacred relics of autonomy.
Prepare accordingly.
7:16 AM (11 hours ago)
Inquiry Incites Infighting at Fox News, With Hosts Hurling Insults Across Time Slots
Under the God of Things
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