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Crackpot Mailbox: Big Tony Communes with the Cracked Pottery
Long whip, big America
Tony Cox
6:20 PM (26 minutes ago)
The copy of Herodotus histories that you left here has been getting well used. Unfortunately it leaves out his writings on the Scythians. I found it somewhere else, and have been thinking about something in there. They blinded their slaves, and also made them blow air with a bone pipe into the mare's vulva while they milked, they claimed it forced the udder out. Not that I really think blowing into a woman's pussy will make her tits bigger, that's silly. That wasnt the interesting part.
But a story of their slaves, how when the Scythians were gone on a war making party and got stuck away from home too long, their women married the slaves and had a bunch of kids with them. The Sons of the slaves heard the Scythians were on the way back, they went out to meet them in battle. The Scythians were having a hard time getting these guys, it seems like to me they were using the Scythian tactics against their former masters. So one of the Scythians gets the idea that, hey these crackers are just lowly slaves, fuck battling them like men, I'm gonna casually walk down there with no weapons, just my whip, and reclaim my rightful property.
And it worked. The slave mentality kicked in, and the sons of slaves all scattered in fear. I'm probably not doing justice to this story, but anyway, it got me to thinking, this is kinda how our whole system works. The man don't need open warfare on us lowly peasants, he just has to show us the whip to keep us in line.
It is as difficult to create a society without robbery as it is to maintain it without slavery.
As I read more about ancient history, I begin to more fully appreciate your writings about the present.
I couldn't quite suss out how long the guys were gone, it didn't seem like they were fighting blind slaves, they must have been gone awhile, or maybe the slaves invited more of their race into the fold.
The Scythians wives, were, get this shit, the Amazons, the world's first feminists.
They also sexually mutilated themselves.
If we are not getting contemporary enough here, recall that the Scythians were good friends with the Athenians [Herodotus was not Athenian] but Ionian and that the Athenians terrorized numerous Ionian polities.
As for the identity of some of their slaves, we are probably looking at a subordinate tribe, such as the tribal politics that placed the Mongols under the Tartars until Genghis Khan rose to power, or the Susquehannock under Iroquois influence. The Athenians, in the 500s B.C., as early as 620 B.C., had close ties to the Scythians, with Solon relating conversations to his son's generation concerning discussions he had with a Scythian friend [its been 20 years, but I think the dude's name began with an A] concerning the relative merits of their social structures. 150-300 Scythian archers, on foot, actually constituted the Athenian police force. These were alien, mercenary slaves, sold by the Scythians to the Athenians, policing supposedly free Athenian citizens of the state they served as combat infantrymen, yet were not permitted to go armed in their own democratic society. So, you can bet they weren't selling their war brothers, but subordinate members of a lesser client tribe, who were martially very similar, as in the story of the slaves imitating the war ways of their masters related above. It is of interest that America, touted by most historians as being the modern counterpart of Ancient Athens, also seeks to disarm its citizen soldiers at home, and seeks police forces recruited from beyond the municipalities and states in which they serve and from overseas, with Nigerian and Turkish nationals serving in some U.S. police forces.
Scythians under a female chieftain were credited with killing Cyrus the Great.
Cousin tribes east of the Caspian and Aral Seas were known to Alexander's expedition as the Sacae, or something there about, and they even wipes out one of his detachments. He used mobile field artillery to convince them to leave him alone. These Aryan tribes seem to have been the last wave of Caucasian invaders to break into Eastern Europe, with influence extending to what is now Mongolia and Eastern Siberia. They seem to have been the first to ride horses rather than just use them to haul chariots and carts and are therefore most likely represented in myth by the centaur, sons of Kantor, who was son of Apollo. The Amazon myth is most likely rooted in the use of women as auxiliary horse archers and as wranglers for spare steeds and medics to pick up the wounded and bring them back into Scythian lines. The lesser body weight of a woman would make her the perfect cowboy when horses were barely big enough to carry a man.
Other Caucasian nomads such as the Samations of late antiquity, might represent Scythian descendants. One thing for certain is that the cultural descendants of the Scythians were their Turkic Asian enemies and vassals, who would become the scourge of Eastern Europe until the 1400s. Some have romantic notions that the Cossacks, mostly betrayed into gulags by America at the end of WWII, were the last expression of the Scythian way of life, which would be fitting as they were the last combat horsemen in the Aryan tradition.
gene Wolfe writes of Scythians in Latro in the Mist and Steven Pressfield places a Scythian charcter named 'Suicide" in his novel of Sparta titled Gates of Fire. I employed some Scythian police in my time travel novel partially set in 323 B.C. Hellas, Behind The Sunset Veil.
Could you please send me the link to your digital source?
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Mike_COctober 16, 2019 4:45 PM UTC

Here is an interesting take on the Scythians, by someone calling himself Asha Logos. It's rather long, but worth the watch. (So far, all of his videos have been good.)

I'm listening to the third video in this series (Greeks and Troy) as I type this. Already learned something, probably because I fail to keep track of popular culture. Anyway, it seems that the BBC made a miniseries about Troy. In which Achilles, Aeneas, and Nestor, not to mention Athena and Zeus, are all negros. Who knew that blonde (or red haired) Achilles was really a shave-headed Ghanian? And I guess the question of how to translate "Athena Glaukopis" has been partially answered in that clearly the goddess does not have blue or gray eyes.

And it gets better! Here are Cambridge University Professor of Greek Culture Tim Whitmarsh and Assoc. Prof Rachel Mairs of Reading to defend the casting choices and obfuscate issues by dragging in irrelevancies.

Appalling. Some days it's difficult to NOT believe in a vast conspiracy to destroy the West.
responds:October 18, 2019 3:20 PM UTC

thank you so much.
TonyOctober 4, 2019 1:55 AM UTC

Solon's Scythian friend was Anacharsis. He said "Laws are spider-webs, which catch the little flies, but cannot hold the big ones."

Apparently he didn't think that written laws would ever be able to restrain the dishonesty and greed of the Athenians. He also said something to the effect of, wise men discuss things while fools make the decisions. Barbarism 2, Civilization 0.