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'The Irish Kiss'
Crackpot Mailbox: A One-Week Snapshot in the Death of a Nation
I had planned on spending the entire autumn of this year writing one book of opinion, observation and discussion about maintaining sanity and autonomy—if only by shreds—in this spiraling time. But lo and take hold, I just checked my folder and am over 50 chapters deep—so I'm calling it a wrap, a single shadowy month in a dying culture's death rattle...
The following news pieces and comments were sent by concerned readers over a few days as I took train from west to east across the face of this societal waste. My comments well be bracketed.
Reader Texts:
"Living the dream. Watching the necrosis of Central PA creep along."
-Nero the Pict
"Flight attendant greeted a Muslim woman with 'Salaam aleikem' on my flight. I received no greeting, no less 'God Bless' or 'Shalom.'"
"I've seen a lot of loitering lately in the area. Please stay safe when you get here."
-A Host
[When our counter culture standouts—at least enough to get censored from the ether soap box by a virtual constable—are this materialistic we are in deep necrosis.]
Did Federal Agents Deplatform
Matt Forney via
Mon, Sep 30, 8:30 AM (6 days ago)
Hi James,
Two weeks ago, my website was deplatformed by its web host for "hate speech." This came at roughly the same time the Daily Stormer was also deplatformed by its DDoS mitigation service. Both the Stormer and myself were extensively covering the news that Jayoh de la Rey, the head of security for the Right Stuff, admitted to being a fugitive felon back in 2012. You can read more about my site getting deplatformed here.
Here's a selection of some of the best work we've been publishing at Terror House Magazine:
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4.Sable Constantine and the Case of the Kuluak-Tu Statues (short story by Elton Mesquita)
5.The Biographical Ascension of Greta Thunberg (short story by Pierre Winterbottom)
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1.We Live in a Society: Bit of News Then Tackling the WQ (Woman Question) with Matt and Joe
Until next time,
Thanks for reading,
[Video channels devoted to gluttony seem to be the emasculated version of male pornography in these end times...]
Mon, Sep 30, 8:37 PM (6 days ago)
Gidday James,
Loving the daily hate training logs, first thing I read each morning, after my big leak. You are eating some mighty fine paleo food sir, and very soon your body will be like steel, once again.
Speaking of eating, to curb my diet, every lunch time I watch the super strong men eat videos, like 50,000 calories, heaps of shit food like pizzas, 30 donuts etc. this cannot end well. I feel ill just watching these guys, which is excellent for dieting.
I mean to say, their toilets are going to file human rights violations at some point!
Ethan "Searchers" Edwards
[The mass turning of postmodern women to prostitution is non-other than a return to their sense of animalistic value driven by feminism's credo that they are just meat-puppets.]
Teachers are turning to 'sugar daddy' dating site to supplement their salary
Mon, Sep 30, 2:35 PM (6 days ago)
[Over 100 American Cattle are gunned down by their wranglers and no lasting question remains in the media-imprinted bovine mind.]
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
Wed, Oct 2, 9:03 PM (4 days ago)
[The food deserts provided by the authentic human behavior of feral African Americans over the false civic trust of ghost people are one of the avenues that might raise our dreaming god of a people from its drugged slumber.]
Because of High Levels of Theft, Kroger in 92% Black Community Near Atlanta Under Fire for Enclosing Aisles Within the Store, by Paul Kersey - The Unz Review
Wed, Oct 2, 10:02 PM (4 days ago)
[The White Nationalist purveyor of this well-written yet daft piece, critical of domesticated European Americans, claims that European-Based and so-called "white" civilization can only exist as a domestication matrix, seemingly having internalized the origin of the false racial noun Whiteman, which originated from Asian-on-European rape and sex slavery.]
American Cattle: The Cucking of Carson King | Counter-Currents Publishing
The Autumnal Son
Thu, Oct 3, 10:52 AM (3 days ago)
[In the end we are just meat and somehow when the butcher comes it's still a surprise.]
Whole lot going on here
Thu, Oct 3, 5:53 PM (3 days ago)
[Anti-humanism and pro machine, pro-beast opinion is the driving force of our age.]
Fri, Oct 4, 4:26 AM (2 days ago)
This stoning to death for fun by An Aboriginal policeman has generated a mega-shit storm here bringing everything together. See, this is ok by the traditional hunting laws, but it has offended the animal rights movement which is going against multiculturalism.
I am enjoying watching it all implode. Pity the wombat did not stop running and bite the cop's nut sack. That is the footage I want to see.
Arthur Schopenhauer
[Crime stats presented here are massively underreported and the author's takeaway that crime is going down is of course the reverse of the facts, with the focus of crime shifting to non-lethal violent attacks. However, the proportions of interracial and intraracial attacks are exactly the opposite as resented in the opinion engine of the media, with the least violent portion of the ebony-ivory duality being portrayed as the most violent portion in all media that matters.]
Fri, Oct 4, 10:27 PM (2 days ago)
Here is Steve Sailer on the latest crime stats:
[Humor is the only effective escape from the POZ!]
A Very Effective Technique To Escape A Strangle Hold
Sat, Oct 5, 6:42 PM (15 hours ago)
-Big Tony
[Such civic masculinity is now functionally against the law in most pale nations. If I rescued an elderly passenger from a feral savage in Maryland, I would be persecuted in the courts and media. Note that the best target for the head butt is between the eyes and above the nose. You don't want to drink this degenerate's bloody snot.]
The Irish kiss!
Sat, Oct 5, 5:52 PM (16 hours ago)
[How some men keep together in the atomization matrix:]
"Hey man. I hope you're somewhere being treated well for Father's Day. You've got an army of guys out here that view you as a brother, a father and a mentor, and I'm pretty sure that we're all on the same age in that if you ever needed anything, we'll be there. I wouldn't be who I am today if not for your friendship, James. That's significant. Love you man. Will see you next week."
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