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‘You a Race Traitor, Baby?’
A Workplace Example of a Precursor to the Coming Sectarian Violence
Most violence in civilized setting is in-group.
This contrasts diametrically with the case in barbarian settings, where almost all violence is out-group.
Stalin’s goons managed to kill at least twice as many Soviet subjects as Hitler’s legions in the 20th Century. And what is more, the in-group violence was asymmetrical slaughter of the unarmed, not martial combat.
We are taught by the hierophants of academia and their clergy in the media that in-group violence is of little concern and that out-group violence is of great concern, betraying the mechanisms of social control for what they are. For the premise of The State, a lie running some 400 years, was that the Nation served a people. That lie has been abandoned as the definition of the people of first concern has expanded to include all economic consumption vectors in human guise and nations are no longer ethnically identified and in many cases not even ideologically identified.
The nation can now more clearly be seen for what it is, a wealth redistribution scheme dedicated to the affliction of the productive class and the elevation of the parasitic class.
Thus, the civilized paradigm of in-group violence can clearly be seen as a control mechanism. For instance, in Baltimore, though the ebon population has declared open war on the ghost population, ebon-on-ghost killings are less than 10% of ebon-on-ebon killings.
Below is a monologue reconstructed from one phone call and two texts from a female grocer of ebony hue from Harm County U.S.A. as she describes some events occurring as she directs the remodeling of her retail location.
“The white men, the electricians and deliverymen, have been good to work with, respectful, hard-working, conscientious and have spent no time trying to get dates with me. But there are these two black fools, trifling job-slackers, assigned to assist me with shelf installation. First of all, they don’t know shit and I have to do everything while they watch.
“Secondly, the one has been blatantly trying to arrange sex with me and when I say I’m not interested he accuses me of being into white guys—well, hello, why wouldn’t I be into white guys? They get shit done! But I keep it quiet.
“Then, the electricians—two white guys—come to me and say, ‘Ma’am, there are two fellas trying to get in, threatening us that they need to get in, but they don’t have security codes and, well, ma’am, for your protection, I couldn’t very well open the door without your say so. They say they work here.’
“Of course, I thanked the man and let those two fools in who should have known that an outside contractor did not have security clearance. They tried to make a racial thing out of it and I told them that those men did not have authorization to open the door. I have to let everyone in and out. Then, when they get inside, the one that has been trying to get a date with me grabbed me by my hair and accused me of being a “race traitor” and said, “Bitch, what do I need to do to keep you in line, bring you a bucket of fried chicken?”
“If the white electricians had not been there who knows what would have happened to me. Of course, they didn’t dare touch me when a white man could see. Suffice it to say, I’m a race traitor bitch now. I know now for certain, after how this black-on-black violence has gotten totally off the hook, along with the fact that the men of my race are not worth a shit, that I don’t want to live anywhere that isn’t run by white men.”
This reminded me of the fact that I have been, in work place settings, threatened and attacked three times as often by men of my race than by men of the enemy race, that Baltimore Area Skinheads attacked whites at roughly four times the rate at which they attacked blacks, that York Pennsylvania White Nationalists have only used violence against whites and never against blacks…
Mark my words, BLM and WN leaders will, as the nation is managed into overt racial strife by the evil State, be done away with by their own.
The darkness falling across the jabbering expanse of the collective, civilized mind will be billed by many as out-group violence. But the biggest body count, will be, as it ever was, when civilizations reorder their crooked foundations, in-group killing to attain and maintain social control. The factions will then proceed half-heartedly against their avowed enemies.
There will, at some point, arise real barbarian groups who only use force against the enemy. When, where, who and to what end remain to be seen. But my guess is this will only occur after the civilized superstructure has failed in the face of long decline or catastrophe.
The Violence Project
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WellRead EdOctober 18, 2019 11:44 AM UTC

An interesting phenomenon in North Dindustan was, after a certain age, the desire that Dindu women had for Paleface men. A cursory investigation revealed that, for all of their bluster, Dindu men had no desire to stand by their women, had no interest in raising the progeny they so prolifically produced, and had difficulty holding down a job. All intrinsic traits in Paleface Men. Couple this with the absolutely rampant rate in which female children were molested by boyfriends and 'fiances', and you understand why Dindu women looked for a better deal.

Of course, discerning Paleface Men avoided Dindu women like the plague since they seemed to get pregnant when the wind blew, had no interest in providing any domestic stability, and allowed their children to become feral at an early age.

Much of this could be attributed to the modeling they received themselves, which is to say, none. LBJ's "Great Society" destroyed the Dindu nuclear family, and we get to suffer the consequences of his evil scheme.
responds:October 18, 2019 3:20 PM UTC

i'll make sure the wind is not blowing towards her...