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'White Bastards'
Crackpot Mailbox: The Logical Conclusion of the Surrender of Identity
UK: 20-strong Gang Target ‘White Bastards’, Cut Off Teenager’s Hand with Axe
"One of the workers, who was just eighteen years old, interposed himself as a “peacemaker”, “completely defenceless” — only for the member of Rahman’s mob armed with the axe, Mohammed Awais Sajid, or ‘Skinny’, to suddenly slam the weapon into the young man’s chest, smashing through his ribs and collapsing a lung.."
Okay, four working class tree trimmers tell a savage Muslim to stop abusing an old lady on the street, in a town where their little sisters and cousins and neighborhood girls are routinely picked up, kidnapped and raped for extended periods by gangs of unarmed Muslim men—and they try and make peace with an armed pack? The last thing these cucks do is fire up a chainsaw, which should have been the first.
What is up with a nation which willingly sacrifices its daughters to invaders—invaders with an axe to grind because that nation had invaded the cradle of their faith continually for centuries?
I suspect this has to do with the nature of slaves. For instance, all Muslim men are slaves, slaves to their faith and this is often an aspect of their name, their specific identity. Also, most Muslim men are brown or tanned Caucasians from the Middle East or North Africa.
So, on one hand you have the intergenerational thirst for revenge on the part of the Faithful and Fruitful against the ancient, Faithless and Sterile enemy. But, both types of men being slaves, and the English with a history of conquest running back centuries and the Muslims with a history of being conquered running back centuries, what makes the English so weak?
It is not a case of Muslim strength, nor nationalism, as both the English and the Muslims are full citizens in the phony national construct tolerated by the banking houses. Indeed, the Muslims proved coward, dispersing as soon as any sign of resistance was shown by one of the 4 men assailed by their 20.
Note that the term "white" was used as a curse. This term has been spat and snarled and hissed and shouted at me by scores of ebon warriors in our own homeland—the place where their ancestors were long ago brought to replace my ancestors, just as the Muslims have been imported to replace the English.
Why does white so easily mean weak?
Well, the absence of color, if it were to occur in a human, would denote illness or death, so this is logical. The use of the Term "white" as a racial noun only goes back to the 1600s and followed on two facts and some associated traditions.
The first was the sack of Constantinople and the enslavement of Eastern Europe by the Turks. The former event caused a burgeoning expansion of the already thriving non-Christian, Middle Eastern market in European sex slaves. Indeed, the term slave comes from the ethic term Slav, a designation that conflates European and slave in a sexual context. The European slave was kept in doors and sheltered, soft and pale for rape, by racial cousins, and white remains the submissive beauty standard in the Near East to this day.
The economic incentives for adopting the identity of the Middle Eastern sex slave were strong for Elite Europeans, as it placed them at the apex of the economy with the international bankers above the wretches of their own races, whom they jointly trafficked with their non-Christian partners, as well as the savage Africans.
But this was not enough to convince the human mind to surrender its ancestral identity. Christianity, as a force which denies all European ancestral identity in favor of a "Universal interpretation" of a Middle Eastern identity did provide a framework in the collective consciousness for surrender of identity. But there was something uniquely European and indigenous which provided a likely prop for the abandonment of an economically sub-optimal identity—the greatest literary mind in human history, a man whose very name echoes primal, European identity, Shakespeare, extolled pale as pure, along with other literary lights, such as the disputed author of Partheniades who wrote in 1579:
"Her cheeke, her chinne, her neck, her nose,
This was lillye, that was rose;
Her hande so white as whales bone,
Her finger tipt with Cassidone;
Her bosome, sleeke as Paris plaster,
Held upp two bowles of Alabaster."
Shakespeare is more taut:
"'Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white
Nature's own sweet and cunning hand laid on."
In 1694 a certain Captain Phillips noted that he saw no advantage to either extreme of human complexion and that the people of Africa "painted the devil white."
We might note that the use of the term white as a racial noun first occurred during the Little Ice Age when any woman of account in the north would rarely see sunlight at the very same time that the men who served her were sailing into tropical climates often for the first time in their maritime tradition. For people of the north, white denoted the purity of the abode of their ancient and defrocked gods and was resurrected as a sentiment by poets in search of national identity and the salvaging of their besieged ethnicity under the universal idea that all wisdom, grace and beauty came from the further shores of the Middle Sea, where ironically, many tens of thousands of pallid men were castrated and sodomized under the Semitic [Arabic and other] lash and millions of fair women were sold on the auction block in the ultimate expression of power, the turning of another folk's women into furniture.
So, the middle men, the non-Christian, non-Muslim merchants who encouraged Europeans to jettison their ethnic identity and even their hard won Christian identity for the ideal of whiteness, of purity gained not through action in the Aryan tradition, but via birth and ease in the Asian tradition, played to the ancient northern notions of virginal purity among elite women, most prominently Queen Elizabeth and the myriad renderings of Mother Mary as an alabaster pale virgin, a European concept, not a Middle Eastern one. This was aided by the fact that these men had been intermarrying with Northern and Eastern Europeans for over 1,000 years, wives largely acquired as sex slaves. Thus from the feminine side and the maimed-masculine side, the term "white" in the tanned, Caucasian lands of North Africa and the Near East literally and actually meant, "weak," "woman" and "slave."
And, when the sons of the slaughtered Crusaders who the Turks had driven back into their northern and western haunts finally returned with essentially magical weapons to conquer the House of Islam and impose the rule of women upon men, and then invited Muslims into their own nations like a swine opening the gate to his own pen for a pack of wolves in some addled dream of common cause, is it any accident that the Lily Race, the sissy, self-worshipping God, dreaming on his cushioned couch under the spells of wizards and apothecaries, might be set upon?
Having never met a white person in my life—for Carl the albino was pink—I knew instinctively, when men with darker skin than I hissed, "whiteboy," "whitemuvafuca," "whitebitch," "whitey," "cracker" and "whiteman," that the first five insults above called me weak and the last named me devil and that the only true course that lay open to me was the path of Deviltry, the only hope for a pariah soul in a world which hates him and whose very God has issued a claim upon him as a natural born slave. Unless it's conjoined with devil, calling me white has always been a deep insult and usually a threat. Only the assertion that a monstrous evil lies within my soul be reason of the accident of my birth is affirming. In every other way "white" means sissy, unearned advantage and privilege, but most importantly it means "our grandfathers fucked your grandfathers and our sons will kill yours."
My opinion is that our indistinct and deracinated mass of guilted bio-bots need be culled in order to salvage any humanity that might remain among the bleating herd of economic place holders that were once Irish, Scot, Pictish, Breton, Frank, Angle, Saxon, Jute and many another storied race. The only way to reach into the sullied well of our patrimonial past is to be thrust into a crucible such as forged our ancestors. In my mind this makes every jabbering muzzy, blubbering hoodrat, thundering PIG and scowling Aztec who glare and threaten as they take possession of the place of my birth my a potential savior as a human. Most of us need to die horribly to afford any chance of waking the best of us from the web of lies that have entranced us into some cartoon character of an economic race.
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Jeremy BenthamOctober 23, 2019 3:23 AM UTC

“The Zeroth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as inscribed on the Statue of Liberty by Founding Father Emma Lazarus, is that everybody in the world has the right to be an American and your so-called First Amendment doesn’t give you any right to object.”

Steve Sailer 08/12/2019

“Your skin is your uniform.”

– Vox Day 07/05/2016

Well James, over the years as people explored the world and initially came in contact with other races that had dramatically different skin colors from their own they found the need to be able to describe those differences in ways that were simple and generally understandable. So they limited themselves to the primary colors as general identifiers for the different races: White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, etc. Indeed, most ‘white people’ are not ‘ivory white” in skin color, but there are quite a few that come so close as to make little difference (Celtic Warrior - ). So it works for most of us. If you believe that such generalizations are too imprecise to be workable you certainly are welcome to categorize people according to the Sherwin Williams paint catalog or whatever other reference system you believe is the most accurately descriptive. It would make for ‘colorful’ police reports at the very least. LOL!

Nevertheless, like you I believe that our society is in need of a better zoological/anthropological taxonomy of Humanity. For example, why on earth are such vastly differently colored people like Scandinavians, Celts, Italians, Arabs, Asian Indians and Tuaregs all grouped together as being members of the so-called ‘Caucasian’ Race? We need something better. Especially now that DNA mapping allows us to better discover heretofore scientifically undiscovered differences that can identify sub-races within the general color hues. However, now that our dominant Leftist ‘anti-racist’ culture makes it taboo to notice, much less discuss racial differences, nobody in mainstream academia is likely to attempt to create such a taxonomy. That leaves the task up to us crackpots, eh?

The genius that is causing such confusion, and loss of identity among so many people of every race, but particularly in whites, comes of course from Marxist ideology. People warned us the Communists would infiltrate our society and destroy it from the inside out. And they have. They said the Communists would use our own beliefs and our virtues as well as our vices to defeat us. And they have. To create a completely new society under completely new leadership one must cause the people to totally lose faith in the old society.
responds:October 24, 2019 2:59 PM UTC

Folded this into an addendum article.
Jeremy BenthamOctober 22, 2019 6:27 PM UTC

“God didn’t make no mistake when he made us all like we were.”

-Muhammed Ali

“Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path.”

-Isaiah 3:12 (NIV)

One should keep in mind that from an evolutionary standpoint the genetic trait for white skin color is the product of severe natural selection coming from countless generations of people living and reproducing in a cold and ‘sunless’ climate that did not the support the survival of dark-skinned off-spring. Consider that dark (brown or black) skin color is a dominant genetic trait in human beings, the ‘default setting’, and that white skin color is a wholly recessive trait, largely due to humanity having originally evolved in the equatorial regions with an overabundance of sunlight it would seem. Human beings need the ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun penetrating their skin for their bodies to produce enough Vitamin D to stay healthy. Among other maladies that come from a lack of Vitamin D is “rickets”, malformation of the bones in growing children such that they would not likely survive to child-bearing age in a natural environment. The dark skin pigment keeps out most UV light, whereas the lack of pigment in white skin lets in most UV light. Naturally if you live in a climate with little sunlight you need skin that lets in as much of the available UV light as possible in order to produce the Vitamin D you need for good health. Even today dark-skinned children are much more likely to develop rickets in a region with low sunlight than white-skinned children (nowadays vitamin supplements can remedy this of course). That means for a white race to evolve it would have live in a climate where it was decidedly disadvantageous to be dark-skinned, such that white-skinned people reproduced in much greater numbers until eventually the whole population of human beings in the region came to be white-skinned. And that skin color is indeed white, not pink. Just as zoologists point out that the skin color of white domestic swine is white not pink, that the pink hue is caused by the many blood vessels under the skin showing through.

So rather than being a sign of weakness, white skin is the sign of a survivor of millennia of natural calamities and harsh, unforgiving environments. Should the sunlight reaching the surface of Planet Earth ever be greatly reduced in the future by some cataclysm like a ‘nuclear winter’, a super-volcano eruption or an asteroid impact, then white people will once again have a decided survival advantage over people of color. Especially if the rich, technological civilization that currently protects even the weakest individuals from the ‘natural selection’ process of the natural world disappears. The historic inventiveness and industriousness of the white European peoples would also put them in good stead to survive and thrive during any period of severe resource restriction (K) to come. Nevertheless for the time being whites seem weak and stupid to ethnic criminals like the Muslim gangs in the UK because the indigenous whites continue to be law-abiding while being ruled by gullible dumbasses who govern against their will and allow foreign invaders into the country to oppress their fellow countrymen. What’s up with that?
responds:October 22, 2019 10:16 PM UTC

Yes, Sir, you provide much perspective as usual, but it's not white. I challenge you to find any human the color of copy paper. The bigger question is who was the genius who figured out that you could get dozens of races, including most of the Aryans, to exchange their ethnic identity for an economic—zoological macro-grouping which carries a level of inaccuracy, superficial polarity and anti-Christian sentiment potent to fell us all by our own hand?
MRTOctober 21, 2019 3:09 PM UTC

James , i like you insights and your knowledge, on the other hand you look everything from a northern European (germanic) perpective. The Pale peoples destroyed the Western Roman empire and many moons later the Eastern Roman empire also , they took it's riches (4th Crusade) and became the West as an economic force , before that they were plain barbarians , proof for that is the state of languages they had (it is no coincidence they heavy use of Latin and to lesser degree Greek words).

Pale color is considered noble and pure , an example of that is the depiction in Minoan paintings were the boys are dark and the women pale ,pale because they don't have to work they don't have to go outside, nowadays though it is reversed to an extend because it means that the tanned person can afford vacation in an "exotic" place. To my non pc view the darker folk want pale women for genetic reasons.

As i wrote before Turks originally are asians and have attacked Europe since the late antiquity , hunting the Germanics away into Europe and later bringing the Slavs as slaves with them , an example would be Bulgaria, the name is turkic the language and folk slavic (and Byzantine from were they settled in Haemus Peninsula).

In a discussion we had you told me saving western civilization is above my paycheck , i agree 100%, it is not something i can do on my own , i cannot even loose sleep about it , i am more at peace about that now and just do what i have to and can do.

People now are very well fed , that is propaganda and comforts. They will all be touched by the changes and they will change, i have an example from my neck of the woods after a point we ended up so low that we became the barbarians and burned them , many still cucked , these are always the majority but they follow the winner and praise him afterwards as if they always did.

As noted the dark variety are not very special when facing push back , it was said in the article , i ve seen it personally and i ve read about it in a Byzantine manual believe it or not.
responds:October 22, 2019 12:46 AM UTC

The pale line and faire-haired line in antiquity was much more easterly and southerly than now as evidenced by the art you mention and the poetry.

It seems that your folk have been awakened to a much greater degree than folk further north and west, where it may come as well—thanks so much for your perspective.

Stay strong out there, Sir.