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Savage Kangdom
Crackpot Mailbox: Ajay, Jeremy, Riley, Shep, Ruben, The Exile and Big Ron Reporting
Thanks so much to Jeremy Bentham for coming out of his 180-year retirement to provide so much update material for our mad world prospectus.
One should enquire as to the rules of a game before taking the field.
Anarcho-Tyranny Update
“2 Proud Boys sentenced to 4 Years in brawl with anti-fascists at Republican Club in New York City. 4 years for a scuffle on the street, where nobody was hurt, the victims disappeared, and the Police can’t even find them.”
-Anonymous Conservative 10/23/2019
2 Proud Boys Sentenced to 4 Years in Brawl With Anti-Fascists at Republican Club
The men had been convicted of taking part in an attack on protesters outside the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan.
Ruben Chandler
A little tidbit to add to your post.
Wed, Oct 23, 3:33 PM (20 hours ago)
How the fuck are you bro? You seem to be all over the lower 48 these days! Good on ya.
I'm going out to have a smoke and watch 3 redneck/mountain men work on the small wire and metal post fence as they begin week three on the damned thing. As a former project super I can, with authority tell you it should have taken three guys no more than three hours.
have a good un
Glad to see you posting, Ruben. I'm trying to lose enough weight so you could les me to the back of your RV and make me try and keep up like the family dog on American Vacation. Will be heading west again day after Christmas. Dude, you should write up the entire fence post job as a short story! Take care.
Big Ron
Ron will be sending me links to notable fights to examine technically. Along with the fight below, he sent Ward Gatti 1, which I have already written up and will be posted next week. Others feel free to send along your fight pics for crackpot examination if you so wish.
Watch "Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whitaker 29 v. Julio Cesar Chavez 31 (1993)" on YouTube
Mon, Oct 21, 7:30 AM (3 days ago)
James here's 2 fights I'd like you to analyze.
Take care.
Big Ron
Life in Dindustan Update
More confirmation of the wisdom of the Great Khan: “Do not engage verbally with the dindus".
Insults and Challenges- 5 Tips for Effective Verbalization During a Violent Encounter
This man does a great job and once supported a column of mine on Singletraveldude.
The Exile
I love this guy—would definitely make him my Secretary of State.
The California Cancer
Tue, Oct 22, 9:55 AM (2 days ago)
Following my reading of your post titled Red Mountain Spirits, I thought you might be interested in this short video made by Razorfist; it explains how and why the sissy hordes of Commiefornia are metastasizing out of their petry dish and contaminating neighboring Red States to change their politics.
Best regards,
- The Exile
Store's Thief-Tolerant Policy Backfires, Punks Walk Out with Suitcases Full of Loot
Tue, Oct 22, 3:35 PM (2 days ago)
Life in Dindustan – International
Canada’s brave new multicultural world: A pair of Dindus sack a state-run liquor store in Ontario while store employees look on in helpless dismay. The shameless Dindus even brought along luggage with which to carry away their loot. See the video.
They weren’t just taking “Canadian Hunter” either. The article indicates the brazen boosters were nicking top shelf stuff too. What do you think the favorite brands were James?
Crown Royale, Juan Paytrone, Hennessey—and the poster with the brother between the white babe and the hot Asian bitch. I love this uplifting news bro! Dey lootin da goboment stoe!
Store's Thief-Tolerant Policy Backfires, Punks Walk Out with Suitcases Full of Loot
These brazen thefts during operating hours are only increasing in frequency. The lax security coupled with LCBO's apparent unwillingness to take the situation seriously has only emboldened thieves.
Shep and Jeremy
Bros, I hope to see every supermarket in the nation as a free-for-all shoplifting zone so we have to fight for our food once again. It will make shopping the end time equivalent of hunting and pillaging!
Supermarket sweep
Tue, Oct 22, 8:21 PM (2 days ago)
Addiction and Decriminalization Fuel a West Coast Shoplifting Boom.
Tue, Oct 22, 3:35 PM (2 days ago)
Retired Ghetto Grocer/ Life in Dindustan Update.
The Supermarket Sweep
Addiction and decriminalization fuel a West Coast shoplifting boom.
We can rebuild their minds, make them better than they were before!
The ghost writers helping 'lazy' Western students - BBC News
Tue, Oct 22, 6:45 PM (2 days ago
Sent from Riley
Jeremy Bentham
Masculinist Update: The War Against Boys. State sanctioned child abuse.
WTF? In Texas no less! Shows you that even in red states you are never completely safe from PC madness. Our society’s institutions are all thoroughly infiltrated by Leftist social justice warriors.
Always keep in mind that even in conservative communities the officers of the court (judges and district attorneys) are frequently closet Leftists who posed as ‘law and order’ conservatives to get elected. Once in office though they take every opportunity to advance the Leftist agenda within their jurisdiction. This usually manifests itself in handing out lenient sentences to habitual criminals , especially if they’re a member of a recognized oppressed race, and in punishing conservatives for being unabashedly conservatives.
Also even in Texas can you find enough flaming Lefties to pack a jury with? Hey, Bob’s your uncle.
In this case said jury decided against the plaintiff, the father of the boy in question, who is an adherent of Orthodox Christianity, an especially traditional Christian denomination.
“A jury in Dallas, Texas, ruled against a father seeking to block his ex-wife’s plan to start their seven-year-old son on puberty blockers and ultimately cross-sex hormones in order to facilitate gender transition. So tragic. Pray for this boy, he is firmly in the grasp of pure evil, and it is relishing the irreversible, long-lasting power it has over him.”
-Anonymous Conservative 10/23/2019
Jury Decides Against Dad Seeking to Block 7-Year-Old Son from Gender Transition Drugs | Breitbart
A jury decided against a father seeking to block his ex-wife’s plan to start their young son on puberty blockers in order to facilitate gender transition.
Jury Decides Against Dad Seeking to Block 7-Year-Old Son from Gender Transition Drugs
Wed, Oct 23, 5:11 PM (17 hours ago)
Masculinist Update.
More on the 7-year-old boy condemned by the State to live out his life as a “female”. Actually condemned to be a eunuch, a castrati, a living caricature, truth be told.
The mother engaged in excessive celebration upon winning the verdict.
Jury Condemns 7-Year-Old Boy to Live with Woman Determined to Make Him a Girl
A Dallas jury decided James Younger is to be separated from his father and, under his mother's care, will have his hormones suppressed and his body surgically altered to appear female.
They are going to cut his dick off. This will be the common fate of boys born in the dawning high tech dark age. The world will be safe for stuffed animals eventually.
Cops: Man Had Sex With Stuffed Animals At Target
Mad World Update
Florida Man Strikes Again: Man Rapes Stuffed Toys At Target Store
Mon, Oct 21, 2:32 PM (3 days ago)
HuffPost: Women At Ernst & Young Instructed On How To Dress, Act Nicely Around Men.
How dare HR advise women not to dress like whores on the job...
7:38 AM (3 hours ago)
Charges: Church shooting suspect badly beats public defender
These Amish thugs are unstoppable.
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Bryce SharperOctober 26, 2019 1:47 PM UTC

Judge Dwyer and Prosecutor (((Steinglass))) were sending a message about political violence with their cruel and unusual sentencing of two men for a victimless crime. I knew a guy who badly beat up another kid in a fight in his late teens and was convicted of assault and battery with great bodily injury. He received a year in county jail with a felony. Kate Steinle's killer was sentenced to time served:

Eric Clanton hit someone over the head with a bike lock and got 3 years' probation:

The only message the NY "Justice" system has sent is that there is no justice for half the population and that the justice system will engage in ideological prosecutions resulting in severe punishments for very little crime.

"Justice" in this case would be to convict both parties - Antifa and the Proud Boys - of misdemeanors and community service. Antifa was not even prosecuted.

And they wonder why people are becoming "alt-right."

The cities seem to be nothing but tax farms - large plantations if you will.
responds:October 26, 2019 4:29 PM UTC

I think both sides are manged by the deep state.