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Homicides in Baltimore for October 2019
In the past 30 days:
2 women, with names, and addresses, but without a known race have been killed.
25 men have been killed.
1 is “black.”
24 of these men are unknown, possibly Amish, Martian, Venusian are even angelic, I suppose. Why would God be sending his angels to Baltimore to get shot?
Of the 27 people killed in the past 30 days, 24 were shot, 1 was stabbed, 1 was othered to death and 1 was unknowned off the planet.
1 was killed in the North
3 were killed in the south.
9 were killed in the west.
14 were killed in the east, where Johns Hopkins is trying mightily to stem the bloodshed by moving ebon warriors to Hunt Valley and White Marsh. This high uptick in Eastside killings has, “Not in English” spelled all over it.
Of 23 slain in the first 24 days of October:
1 child, Caleb carter a 7-year-old boy, was the youngest slain.
1 teen youth was slain.
2 teen adults were slain.
8 folks in their 20s were slain.
6 people in their 30s were killed.
2 older adults in their 40s were murdered
3 dudes who were so fucked up no age can be determined, were also killed.
Why the unwillingness to identify so many, even most of the victims?
I suspect it is because it goes against the white over black narrative infecting our media, that the increased number of killing in the east are committed by Latinos and that news of brown verses less brown warfare violates the sacred media credo. For the liberal elite believe that African Americans kill each other only in service to, or because of mistreatment by, ghost people. To admit that Latinos were killing folk not only ruins their image as childlike wards of the liberal elite, but grants them adult status, which has yet to be granted to African Americans. Until Latino on other murders can be attributed to some as yet unqualified form of oppression by ghost people, than expect racial aspects of such crimes to be muddied by the media priesthood until the Elders of Lying provide codified scripture along with academic exegeses on why inferior races with no agency, no will and no morality other than that assigned by liberal elite ghost people are suddenly killing one another when they have been peaceful vegetarians since the dawn of humanity.
Equidistant Drowning Babies: Confessions of A Virulent Race Traitor
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Don QuotaysOctober 28, 2019 10:42 PM UTC


The Latinos in Kali have been ethnically cleansing blacks, so long term my money would be on them. But non-reporting indicates current casualties are likely less brown.
responds:October 29, 2019 9:19 AM UTC

MRTOctober 26, 2019 6:49 PM UTC

"..24 of these men are unknown"

This means these men are either totally disfigured or the authorities, msm etc. are hidding something from the public , i go with the second and agree with your conclusion.

"..that news of brown verses less brown warfare violates the sacred media credo"

When the new might settles in, in the US the "Latinos" and in E.U.rope the muzzies , the ones who support them will suffer the consequences.

This reminds me a prison story on Youtube from OG Badger were he said he was attacked by two ebons and the other pale face didn't help because he was trying to be cool and friends with them, the ebons after the fight left Badger alone but the other pale face got hell they even put out their cigarettes on him, or something like that was the story.

When it's all done James, i ll just watch them burn
responds:October 27, 2019 10:29 PM UTC

My curiosity lies with whether it is being used to obscure death of Latinos or Ebon saints.