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‘An Unfair Fight’
More Media Lies Even as they Report the Truth

It seems that police and media spokespeople are incapable of describing an attack by a group upon a person as anything other than a “fight” meaning a mutual combat, in which both parties voluntarily engaged in a contest for dominance.

It has been my experience that using a cane increases the likely hood that ebon warriors and ebony queens will attack randomly based solely on the perception of weakness. The news reports also, after wondering out loud about the motive for the attack, fail to mention that it was a racial attack, with the victim ivory and the attackers ebony. The NYPD also states that there was no motivating trigger for the attack, characterizing it as almost accidental.

Other attacks are documented, including tribal Africans beating up an autistic boy in Australia. It is fascinating that everywhere that Europeans have made nations around the world that they brought with them the agents of their own dissolution.

As darkness falls the feral ebony hordes are sorting us out according to survivability, doing us a Darwinian favor. For the paleface ape is so stupid in the main, once domesticated, that he cannot perceive a threat rationally, but only based on emotional experience being brutalized. Life under Tyrone Crow will hopefully result in a hardier strain of pallid humanity than what currently simpers and whines in the shadow of their dark masters.

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