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Two Blokes in Bristol
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist and James Discuss the Decline of a Fistic Nation
Road Rage Fight
Fri, Oct 25, 2:56 PM (4 days ago)
Zup James
two blokes in bristol were all about yu fokking wot mate
As studies in the past have shown, the average man is 4000% less effective in a fight as he thinks.
A realy pathetic picture from the Land of the Queensberry rules, despite shortpants making a halfway decent dodge, mostly getting saved by blueboy losing his balance. If you do another video one day would be great if you make one about the difference between glove stance boxing and bareknuckle aka queensberry stance like the "how to punch" one. I looked it up and saw you wearing that eyepatch. Get a picture with that
eyepatch and put it on the backcover of your books so that something good will come of it. I had to cut down my eyelashes to wear that thing comfortably.
-Teutonic Fist
Thanks for your suggestion. I will someday write such an article if Fortune permits.
They are both too worried about getting hit. You'd think they were in a a knife fight.
Both have too narrow a guard and they reach and their hip tightens and their rear foot lifts and swings out.
The gay guy scores a weird hookish jab, throwing himself off balance, and then gets grabbed by the ape in a throatish way. With that bowling ball head, I'm surprised the ape doesn't just wade in, draw a punch and fire back. If you judge your self the stronger and more durable and have confidence, invite a punch and fire back and he will probably go down. Imagine if bucket head just stood, fists half up and let soy boy T-off and then threw back. Soy boy would be so off balance that he would go down, achieving the appearance of dominance.
This is yet anther example of how a nation rots from within its cozy confines.
The Combat Space
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JROctober 29, 2019 5:47 PM UTC

James, you've mentioned Herodotus and the Spartans a few times.

I don't remember much of reading Herodotus but something stuck and I was wondering your opinion.

There were two Spartans who were excused from combat at Thermopylae because of eye infection. One chose to die, the other returned back to Sparta where he was ostracized—shunned as a coward for not dying when his comrade had chosen the harder choice.

The survivor fought at Platea, the final battle against the Persians, valiantly ahead of the hoplites, inviting death, but this wouldn't redeem him to the Spartans...tough SOB's the Spartans.

That shunning seems to be a female thing? Maybe the Spartan warriors would have not been so harsh.

I wonder what you think of this. Can a man redeem himself and was this man a coward? Or do you think bravery/cowardice is more of a situational thing?
responds:October 29, 2019 9:50 PM UTC

Will answer as an article.
Jeremy BenthamOctober 29, 2019 4:09 PM UTC

“Too many amateur instructors have forgotten entirely that the purpose of boxing lessons is to teach a fellow to defend himself with his fists; not to point him toward amateur or professional competition with boxing gloves. To a menacing extent the major purpose of fistic instruction has been by-passed by amateur tutors who try to benefit themselves financially, indirectly or directly, by producing punchless performers who can win amateur or professional bouts on points…”

“… Never before has there been such need for self-defense among fellows everywhere as there is today. Populations increased so rapidly during the past quarter century, while improved methods in transportation shrank the globe, that there is much crowding now. Also the pace of living has so stepped up that there is much more tension in nearly every activity than there was in the old days.

Crowding, pace and tension cause friction, flare-ups, angry words and blows. That unprecedented friction can be noted particularly in cities, where tempers are shortened by traffic jams, sidewalk bumpings, crowding in subways and on buses, and jostlings in theaters, saloon and night clubs.”

-Jack Dempsey, “Championship Fighting – Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense” (1950)

Funny Videos. Yeah fist fights in real life aren’t as well choreographed as the ones we see in the movies and on TV, are they? Even real life boxing matches don’t appear to be as well organized and dramatic as the ones portrayed on the silver screen. And of course what we see portrayed on TV and in the movies influences our perception of what we think events in real life should look like, to even a larger degree than we realize. The fact is that most fist fights between men of roughly equal stature are pretty crude, clumsy, tentative and frequently indecisive. People aren’t as skilled as they would like to believe; not accustomed to getting hit either. So altogether very disappointing to watch if you are expecting to see something similar to what you saw on TV last evening. Otherwise most of what people call ‘fights’ these days are really just assaults and ambushes with the victim being quickly overwhelmed rather than a back and forth mutual affray. As James has chronicled.

Nevertheless, since boxing was largely abolished as a scholastic sport in the USA in the early 1960’s, few American men have had the opportunity to receive instruction in boxing, especially suburban and rural Whites. It would appear the UK is in much the same predicament. The birth place of the modern sport of boxing no less. All at a time when the need for instruction in effective unarmed self-defense is at a peak in both societies. Even more so than when Jack Dempsey saw a pressing need and published his book 69 years ago.
responds:October 29, 2019 9:49 PM UTC

Thanks for the awesome quotes, Jeremy.