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Dark Kangdom Drawing
Notes from The Crackpot's Return to Harm Citay and Invitation to This Year's Murderbowl Drawing
As Harm City drew ever closer by rail, in the dawning days of October, more news of murder, urban fright, mayhem and suburban blight came my way, until I felt almost entranced. I did feel like I was getting in touch with my dubious roots when I was given the TV controller at my Niece's house where I sleep before the TV in the living room and told how to use it. I finally saw The Crow, which was very poular among younger boomers and older Gen-Xers in that period when I viewed only one movie in ten years, being Barveheart. The Crow was set as a supernatural vengeance story in Detroit, on Devil's Night, when ebony youth traditionally burn the city, only the weather and culture was all Seattle Grunge, with a mixed race gang of adult criminals burning the city.
More realistic was a blacksploitation zombie flick starring a real caramel doll, which got me going down the blackula hole looking for urban horror as the real version loomed on the inner horizon and I wondered when censorship would return to my retarded professorship...
You messed up our Netflix! LOL. We have all these African American comedies in our suggestions now. Love you!
We are being suppressed on YouTube, at least mildly. I was wondering why views were down slightly. If I was doing something wrong, but someone left a comment that they are not showing up in his feed.
I have noticed that subject matter discussed in Crackpot Podcasts I listen to is showing up in my suggested views, even with me having no history of using that subject on YouTube. This feels like that thing Google does where it suggests responses to emails based on content.
Lynn Lockhart
Mon, Oct 28, 10:17 PM (3 days ago)
You might not have noticed but I have eps 1-3 uploaded on the bitchute channel also.
Murders have fallen to 27 in 30 days in Harm City, however, we are on pace for 340 homicides this year. 25 of the last 27 are "race unknown."
Care to make a prediction for this year's middleweight champion body count?
If you guess it on the nose before December 1, I will send you a free PDF of your choice.
My guess is 317. If you choose 317, and we are both right, you get a bonus PDF.
The current body count stands at 283.
Take care.
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