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Is This the Guy?
Or is He a Fed-Poster or a Dupe-Conductor
Among disaffected young men from Zoomer to Gen-X there is currently much turmoil over the various neo-political, cultural, ideological and ethnic speakers and writers who are in quasi-leadership or leadership positions: are they fed-posters looking to recruit the next dummy bomb dipshit, or NGO agents seeking to ruin bad-thinkers by doxing them, or Criminal Insemination Agents looking for a fall guy for their next staged mass shooting?
Or, might they be a simple Dupe-Conductor, a deluded soul who means well or ill and thinks that his fame and the confidence of his followers will be boosted by a parade through an enemy town, through the ranks of enemy cops, into the masses of enemy thugs, just so the men following him can either be doxed and ruined, jailed and persecuted or flipped into agents of the media state?
Or, is he “The Guy?”
By “The Guy” we mean a leader, at least culturally for heritage meetings, recreationally for masculine past-times like boxing, hiking, camping, hunting or sport; in other words, this man is an organizer or adviser.
In terms of creativity—from your fitness to your art—there is only one leader—YOU.
How can you tell if you can trust an organizer or adviser?
The adviser needs to be immersed in his subject, first, whether or not it’s economics [Martinson], philosophy [Johnson], civics [Taylor], Politics [Zman], masculinity [Donovan], esoterics [Vilkernes], and crime [Flaherty]. Only the advisor, a scholar, researcher, speaker, who does not organize for political action, can be trusted to make money. Caution should be informed that such men will have blind spots—as do we all. Use them all, not just one.
As a context provision, panel discussions such as The Myth of the 20th Century are an excellent information option.
As for a leader, what are disqualifying characteristics:
-He makes a living off of his activities.
-He assigns people to dangerous tasks rather than do them himself.
-You have not seen him fight.
-He has not been there for you in a crisis, personally.
-You have not been menaced together and therefore have not seen direct evidence of his character under stress.
-He says to you, “Buy my girl a beer,” or otherwise Alpha-Stuffs you into a Beta-Cuck role.
-He is a loud mouth.
-He has drifted from left to right or visa-versa and has not remained solid in his outlook.
-He needs to “vet” you and get all your personal info, so that he can dox you when you step out of line, or so he has bargaining info with the feds should he get busted.
-He tells you that your group can’t have allies outside of his organization.
-He wants you to march in a demonstration!
Each of the 11 concerns above should raise an appraising eyebrow. No one is perfect, but if someone who wants the moral authority to send you into harm’s way has three or more, walk away.
Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism
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Bryce SharperNovember 3, 2019 7:27 PM UTC

This could be one the most important posts you've written.
responds:November 8, 2019 9:39 AM UTC

Then surely i just got in trouble.