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Intersectional Violence
Crackpot Mailbox: A Reader Relates a Harrowing Encounter
Nov 6, 2019, 12:05 PM (2 days ago)
to me
Now for the meat, I'd planned to describe the growing Caliphary behavior in Boonton, New Jersey (near Newark), worsened by local government cowardice in response to European-American grievance. Instead, something happened Monday evening, at an intersection right before my own residence.
In the last minutes before nightfall, I'd donned my sleepwear and slipped into bed early, exhausted from orientation at work. A peal of human barks and screeches bothered my ears, disrupting my descent to sleep. At first I thought nothing of it, as I've recently moved to a liminal zone, between nice parts and ghetto-aspiring parts. Outbursts, I expect. Yet the peal became sustained and vicious. Then I even heard a white voice shouting.
I rose and walked to an empty room, and observed about eight ghetto high schoolers whirl around each other with their pointless noise. As I live on the third floor, and with shadowy concealment, I shouted "SHADDAP!" from my window, which drew a woman-resident below me out of hesitation, to shout likewise.
Of course, this fell on deaf ears, but I'd had my catharsis. Now the scuffle spilled onto the street and into light traffic, where one darkie fell another darkie, both of them skinny or possibly female. A blue-collar white mom, immobilized in her SUV, lowered her window to lean her head out, and to shout, "Don't DO THAT!" at the two ghetto kids rolling beside, and up against, her rear driver's-side tire.
Then the white voice sounded again, and again, "SHOW!-. ME!-. EVIDENCE!-." I scanned around and saw three of these rioting "youths" at a small corner-house, picketing a golden-lit screen-door, which framed a large figure. That seemed like the source of the white shouting.
My instinct is to punish, yet I know the folly of it. Not only do you know the folly of it, but you even preach the folly of it. I also know the deep disgust, which I feel toward lacking solidarity. On street-level, one adult resident now stood by the main entrance to my building. I decided to join him. I would stand by a little closer, amid bushes, for if only I saw a lone victim of decency, or a home invasion...—.
In my haste, I felt the painful unpreparedness of all my street-type gear strewn apart. I set that aside, as a lesson.
The harshest tools would stay indoors. At least, I concealed a stick in a canvas bag and donned clothes to offer slight protection, without slack or tails that might grant leverage over me. Thus equipped, I ran to the elevator, then down the hall to the main entrance. Once outside, I began strolling toward my position.
The man I'd seen guarding our doors had vanished, and I immediately saw why. In the minute which it took me to get from my door to the main entrance, the police had arrived. The little rioters had flown one block before getting accosted—as if legs could beat machinery on a straightaway. Red and blue flashes spattered the houses now; the sun had finally set.
The street resumed its silence. All I could imagine, remaining, was to satisfy my curiosity at the glowing door. A squat grandmotherly-type now stood behind the screen, on her smartphone. I asked her if she was alright, to which she replied something like, "Oh, it's alright honey, look—" pointing down the street at the flashing cars, "They already got 'em; I'm on the phone with the police."
A few minutes later, a Chinese-American college girl walked by through the main entrance, wearing her headphones, nearly oblivious to anything that had happened.
Afterword: Despite potential dismay that I even considered intervention, I figured you'd find this interesting as your bread-and-butter.
Incidentally, I ended up telling my training partner about this already. He pointed out that even a stick is incriminating. He also suggested I get whatever book of yours is most appropriate.
-Can't Stop the Robot

Nice narrative composition, Sir.
Aspiring ghetto is right.
If this had happened in the ghetto's I've lived in, the mob would have attacked one of the ghost people spewing their solidarity.
What solidarity?
The solidarity that we are all the same and that ebony kids beating up ebony kids is any ivory dingbat's business.
In the real hood, one or all of the above happens:
Dumb bitch in SUV gets carjacked, punched at least.
White knight behind screen gets porch stomped.
Good guy yelling for the knights of the Master Class to cease interrupting his peasant sleep with their mighty clash of knightly arms, he gets targeted for future crime, maybe just his car keyed.
These kids getting locked up achieved nothing but targeting the stupid, nosy bitch who thinks the police are going to protect her.
A witless Asian slave person will be brutalized in this location within five years.
You might have felt latent solidarity with other ivory apes, but they demonstrated solidarity with their ebony masters and their PIG allies in the System Hierarchy. The solidarity shown by the ghosts who did what ghosts do, nothing physical, was solidarity with the very System dedicated to their erasure, the System of social control which has grown so toxic to the mind that it requires mobs of feral ebony apes to terrorize the tax chattel into guilt-fettered compliance.
This was early stage ebonyfication.
The parents of these innocent Yutes will side with them, will blame the ghost residents who called the police as "raciss." Eventually attacks and law suits and criminal arrests will be brought on ghost peasants who complain about the jousting of dark knights.
Sir, in your lifetime, THERE WILL BE SALUTATION STATUTES, laws dictating that if you do not bow your head or otherwise show submission to people of superior moral pigmentation, that they will have the right to strike you. We are poised for mass, race-based, prison release of violent felons. In fact, they already do have salutation rights. All they have to do is say you used the n-word, then attack you, and you will be arrested, hospitalized and tried in federal court for a hate crime, even if you are defeated.
Do Not
Vocalize with Dark Knights or Ebony Queens
Leave your peasant hovel to challenge those set above you under the God of Things
Rescue some dumb, Cauc-Cunt from the wages of commanding her dark masters after the custom of some dead notion of ivory superiority
Leave your dwelling at night without a flashlight loaded with 4 or more D-cell batteries
Do not try and apply belief in goodness to active evil—make no mistake, the people running this society have organized it relentlessly so that you can show no solidarity with any entity other than The System without being punished
Thank you so much for this account. You, being a good man, must experience some pain living in an evil word.
I would suggest When You're Food and Taboo You, both available as e-books on this site.
Take care, out there.
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when you're food
god of war
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CollinsNovember 13, 2019 6:02 PM UTC

For ‘compare and contrast’ purposes: Non-intersectional violence and apathy at witnessing it; A South African boer/English (?) man’s observation and comment on Chinese vs. Chinese crime and public non-interference —despite their relatively highly homogeneous population.

Including lack of reaction to public kid-nabbing!
WellRead EdNovember 9, 2019 6:06 PM UTC

James, you have provided your usual sage wisdom. I would like to amend it with my own insights as gained from North Dindustan; the aforementioned ebony on ebony conflict is best left alone. It is not outrageous behavior; it is typical behavior. Dindus are a violent, assaultive people and they understand only force. Were a paleface to intervene, he would find himself facing both sides of the issue, alone and unaccompanied. Better to leave them to kill each other and be about your business. Observing them for any other reason than entertainment is futile. The police probably are already well aware of the miscreants, and offering to identify them not only marks you as a target but, by virtue of the police report being provided to the defendants, they will have your address, too.

Make no mistake; trying to activate your White Knightness in order to right what you perceive as a wrong will get you killed.