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Overton Railroad News
Thank you so much for putting up with intermittent content here.
I will be offline again, other than doing a podcast with The Third Rail, from Saturday, November 9 through Sunday November 17. I should post again on Monday November 18.
Until then I will not be checking emails or comments.
Please be certain and watch Lynn Lockhart's Blogspot and you tube channel for articles and podcasts.
Watch out for that Global Warming...
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black & pale
logic of steel
supplicant song
logic of force
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Ruben ChandlerNovember 8, 2019 10:57 PM UTC

Hope everyone is heading out this way this year/early next year. I think we need to hook up in a big way. Bob knows how cheap property is out this way and there are some amazing BLM deals......along with distressed or criminally repossessed properties out this way. Think the Culture Bunker.