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'Bronze Age Pervert' & White-Knee Metaphysics
Crackpot Mailbox: Brom Wishes to Discuss an Antiquitous Sex Criminal with the Ghost of a Drunken Barbarian?
Sun, Nov 10, 5:57 PM (7 days ago)
Put this on the to do list mate; Bronze Age Pervert, clearly an over-rated dickhead that needs to be put in his place. Respect your elders; we were here being whipped long before your daddy shot his sperm into mom's fried egg.
And, usually, we have ok grammar.
-Brom Crom
The alt-right manifesto that has Trumpworld talking - POLITICO
The most important political book of the past year just might be a grammatically challenged manifesto in favor of nude sunbathing written under the pen name Bronze Age Pervert. Where Ayn Rand’s ...

Thanks Brom, for bringing this to my attention, as I get to see the circus surrounding my greatest possible aspiration as a writer, if it were to happen.
I have not read anything by Bronze Age Pervert.
But, as an underrated dickhead, I must say I am jealous of anyone who is an overrated dickhead.
As for the respect of elders, I have decided that this is a bad thing, that we should hate our elders, because they sold us out for a few dollars more. That I can't raise up this hate within me marks me as something undead and untethered. The kindness of Western society has doomed it to death. I never did anything for that pervert so don't want his respect. I just want him to leave me alone like the rest of the people on this planet I don't care about.
I have been told by Lynn Lockhart, my darling editor, that Bronze Age Pervert is in some way aware of my existence, which is flattering in a way—dude made it and he knows my name! most people who have made it don't know I exist—which has its appeal.
So, with the only thing I have to go on about this fellow being that he seems to be financially successful as a writer [a missive from Israel informed me of this and that is a source I trust on such things], has written under the name Bronze Age Pervert and has pissed off two big, hairy men [you and Baruch, who could be a defensive end for the West Bank NFL franchise] I can only make the following observations.
This man is smarter than I am, as he writes under an assumed name.
This man has his finger on the counter-culture pulse, as his book is selling enough to get a normal news article and my readership is down to a three-year low according to unique visitor stats, down around 5K from 23K, with my income taking a dive from a writing high of $600 a month since I published an unpopular article and back to about $330 and facebook likes still being withdrawn. If I meet the kid I might ask him if I could carry his laptop and gym bag around in return for room and board.
Look, writing under the moniker Bronze Age Pervert is brilliant! I think so, for no other reason than the very real moral fact that the modern, moral, upstanding, politically correct American is far more depraved than any Bronze Age Pervert! Bronze Age Perverts, like Joshua's men who talked their enemies into cutting off their own dick foreskins, did refrain from cutting off the dicks of their sons and turning them into dancing whores at age 12. A claim to Bronze Age Perversity, is, therefore, in this day and age, a claim to high metaphysical ground.
The moniker, Bronze Age Pervert, is a fitting counter-culture label, when one considers that apish, right wing, philosophical-political organizers over the past few years have focused on trying to get economically fucked-over, racially orphaned and actually estrogen-poisoned young men of these Final Days to behave like 1920s European Facists, dressed up like Polynesian cannibals and engaging in street theater, thus committing a Wounded Knee style suicide pact that lacks the End Time identity won by those poor fucked-over Heathens of the past. At least Wounded knee, in the context of Little Big Horn, established the fact that being an Indian had once been cool. However White-Knee, which is what I am calling the wind-down of American Identity, is being conducted in such a way that the exterminated and the erased will be remembered as the exterminators.
Hell, banging some oiled up slave girl by the pool side sounds rather wholesome compared to cutting my underrated dickhead off and declaring that I have no biological identity.
As for the man behind the word mask:
I am curious, is he a fighter of some kind?
If not, than I'm not interested in him. That has become my human identity. I would rather train with communist trannies than speak of many things with capitalist sissies.
Is he a crypto-writer, unknown for his sins by those who he normally associates with?
If so, good for him, for he has not lost so much as some, who have no place left to run, shunned by the people closest to them in this identity free continuum.
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