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'What's Your Religious Inclination?'
Crackpot Mailbox: TheAmericanDagda Busting More Crackpot Chops
"I'm not really religious but I'm spiritual"
Nov 17, 2019, 5:27 PM (8 hours ago)
Say Mr. LaFond what's your religious inclination? You've made, possibly facetious, statements like "My God is War" and referred to yourself as a heathen on occasion but, I've not seen anything as straightforward as an explicit statement of faith. I've known capital h Heathen bikers, Odinist skinheads, and Asatru hippies who'd each tell you they worship the All-Father and believe in the nine realms but they'd be as night and day to each other as any Born-Again Nondenominational stood next to a Trad Cath.
No easy questions from this guy.
I definitely fit the traditional definition of a heathen from the Christian perspective, in that I absolutely refute the idea that a [redacted] carpenter died for my everlasting soul and that he is the only path to God.
I also reject atheism as more blindly faith-based than traditional religions, in that a definite belief in an unprovable negative forms the basis for the rational and that traditional religion supplied the crowd mechanics so avidly employed by atheistic ideologues.
One thing I do believe is that most traditional religions are based in fact, physical and metaphysical and that they have been variously hijacked as social control mechanisms by evil men.
So what do I mean if I have called myself spiritual?
I hope I didn't because it sounds so fucking gay. But, if I did or do in the future, what would I mean by that turd of a statement?
That I believe in a cosmic intelligence, a creative force beyond my conception.
I say I am not religious because I do not trust other men to interpret this higher power for me, as I regard divinity as beyond my ken and theirs.
I believe in gods.
I believe in God.
I believe in devils and demons.
I believe in angels and saints and ascension.
I believe in evil, and that most of the above are evil in human terms.
I believe in these things based on five decades of living and reading, a poor basis for any real knowledge, but enough to convince my small mind that there is something out there above humanity and that I and everyone I know and know of are unqualified to define it.
I have read too much on the development of traditional religion and have seen too much of the evil of men to trust any church with my connection to the higher world.
That said, I appreciate the construction and maintenance of sanctuaries, shrines and other religious precincts enough to occasionally visit and donate.
Now, I do believe that War is a god who has not died and since He is the only god that appears to interact truthfully with men, I'd have to say he's my pick for reliable deity, although I don't trust him any more than I trust Saul.
I believe that gods die, that gods are born and that gods can rise again, that since they feed upon our souls and our mortal sufferings that our turning away or kneeling to pray may effect their waning and waxing, at least in their ability to interact with us.
I believe these things stated above.
But faith, the ability to surrender my soul to MANs interpretation of the higher world, of that which is fundamentally beyond my understanding, I'm not capable of that. That is a defect of my character.
One God I totally believe in is The God of Things, a thing I believe to be real, growing, jealous and wrathful, a monster which will not even need a metaphysical toothpick to clean my remains from between his teeth.
Under the God of Things
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Ruben ChandlerNovember 18, 2019 1:39 PM UTC

Lions 5 Xtians nothing. Geldings all.