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Voices of Evil
Three Misogynists Discuss Lesbianism
1:16 AM, Thursday, November 7 2019
Three sons of evil, bad men of bad blood sit drinking bad booze in the basement of a Connecticut strip club. Laps now barren of Latina slave girls, the diabolic attention of these three savage souls was now drawn to a Cunt News Network story on women of choice, daughters of distaff Sapho, of those sainted souls who will soon lead faltering Humanity into the long, Godless night…
Man from Uncle: Eesh! Is everyone of these people gay? Look at this lisping faggot talking to these shape-shifters.
Mister Grey: I guess you have to take it in the ass to get into the power structure.
Homeless Writer: Drinks more rum and snorts approvingly.
Man from Uncle: Never trust a man who has taken it in the ass!
Mister Grey: And look at this Lesbian bitch here !
Homeless Writer: Takes a drink of rum and makes a sound that sounds unsettlingly like “Yum.”
Man from Uncle: I’m still having a hard time hating on Lesbians—I mean, maybe I can learn, but for now, I just can’t work up the hate for them that you so sage-like carry.
Mister Grey: Yeah, this guy [points to the Homeless writer] probably likes her because she’s pretty. But that woman is an abomination. Any woman, especially a white woman, who defies her purpose, who takes her only human value and throws it in the trashcan—she will not be welcome in the ethno-state!
Man from Uncle: What do you think about Lesbians, James?
Mister Grey: This oughtta be good.
Homeless Writer: A Lesbian is just a woman that has not sucked my dick yet.
Man from Uncle: Yes!!!
Mister Grey: Oh, this man is straight-up evil, Son!
Homeless Writer: Drinks more rum and grins in the wake of Truth expressed.
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Ruben ChandlerNovember 19, 2019 10:50 AM UTC

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. The kiddo is off to Aerostem Academy for four days. I read some words of wisdom from a hoodrat woman who said she gets revenge on her kids by sneaking into their rooms at 2am, with a switch and just lighting that ass on fire.