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‘Rural’ and ‘Urban’
A Clinic on Lying to the Choir
Recently, listening to a Theftist propagandist who shall not be named, for he is a Deep State shill and I value what is left of my emaciated hide enough to try and survive a few more years, I noted how he lied with numbers. I was first alerted by his profession of Theftoid principals. While listening to the podcast with a friend, who was scared to death about the prospect of the Blight Wing, Christian, Caucasian War that the podcaster insisted was going to feature rednecks invading such utopian metropolis as Detroit, LA, Chicago, Saint Louis, New Orleans, Houston, Memphis, Baltimore, I was charmed by the following:
-The podcaster said he had various examples of Theft Wing crimes against Blight Wingers, but would lose money from pledges if he leant any balance to his postulatory account.
-He devoted an entire episode to apologizing for painting a dark picture.
-Contrary to every of the over 70 examples of urban warfare in America over the past 100 years, in which martyr race folk rose up and attacked ghost race folk, and such folk all fled over the subsequent generations to suburban and rural locations rather than counter attack into the larger urban areas where they were targeted for extermination, he paints a picture of rednecks in pickup trucks invading massive urban centers to attack gays, hipsters and their thug allies of criminal color, only to be slaughtered by the hip hop-hipster army of defense. Ironically, the redneck belief that ghost folk cannot survive in such places and must therefore flee to the hills in pick-up trucks with long guns to defend against hordes of thugs with hand guns, essentially agrees with his fantasy of hip hop armies standing hand-in-hand with soy boy legions defeating redneck invaders.
This is further made to seem the absurd worldview, divorced from reality that it is, by the fact that every man of ghostly privilege we know has been the subject of dark aggression and that none of the dark people we know have been the subject of ghost aggression. How can such delusion be so thoroughly cultivated in the human mind?
Religious scripture is generally the best answer. This is even more so when a traditional hierarchal interpretation of the faith is offered from the pulpit on temporal high. Many a heresy was squashed with great slaughter in Old Christendom, due primarily to the church’s need to have scripture and gospel dispensed exclusively via the priesthood and to prevent direct access to sacred biblical truth by a literate faithful—for faith might soon shake…
Great is the power of the priesthood, and no buggering, bald, wine-sot of Christian benevolence every held more sway with his sermon, reading, blessings, dispensations or confessional commands than the media head of the podcast circuit or the major denominations of network, cable and YouTube cults. This is deepened—this real authority—when the faithful believe themselves beyond faith, when the cult members believe themselves to be anti-cultic, when the religious believe themselves to reasoning in a post-religious matrix of truth, when in fact, they are feeling on a tide of collective hysteria, thirsting for a witch to burn and an apostate to hang.
Here is one lie presented as truth from the podcaster Who Shall Not Be Named:
In 2018 or 17 [I forget which year numbers were cited from the federal report named] for the first time in recorded history, violent crime in rural America exceeded violent crime in urban America, this by one percent, if I recall correctly. The podcaster then goes on to paint a picture of raging redneck on ebony warfare in a Mad Max style rural wasteland. He spoke as if the peaceful country roads I walked along in Utah [cited as a center of redneck militant potential] where strangers asked after my well-being and motorists drove in the wrong lane rather than endanger me, and men keep their doors unlocked in case a friend or stranger needs to stop in for help after a mishap, were in actuality scenes of unbridled violence against the innocence. The only evidence, other than the federal report cited, was small numbers of police in rural areas.
The small numbers of police in rural areas are due to two factors, almost no violent crime and the fact that citizens will assist the police in their work, such as a situation when LA gangsters came into the Utah Mountains to conduct car thefts and were hunted down by deer and elk hunters, slapped around instead of shot, and warned that they should not come back. Men I met, kind and polite in the eatery where we had breakfast, were involved in this. Everyone thought it was a good thing that the urban gangbangers were let loose to spread the rural word rather than killed and buried in a remote forest.
What was most curious, was the use of Rural and urban to explain the angst of an overtly suburban nation. Doing a check of my own and some pre-Sumerian knucklehead math, it became plain that the podcaster had counted the suburban American regions as part of the rural part of America. Suburbs are neither urban or rural. However, encroaching on rural space and eradicating rural culture with migrations from urban zones and making a sterile non-culture, is arguable more urban than rural.
Furthermore, the fact that most suburban crime is committed by urban criminals raiding outward along urban-to-suburban residential flight paths, is entirely ignored.
Most egregiously is the podcaster’s slavish devotion to human herd mechanics instead of space predation. The Farcical Body of Inquiry organization which published the raw numbers, is only concerned with predation and violence from passive flock perspective, judging place dangerous based on how many sheeple out of 100,000 are harmed per year.
A rational, human individual perspective, which expressed how dangerous an area was, would measure its lethality based on violent attacks per square mile. For most sheeple remain indoors while the wolves of men and the dogs of the state hunt. Taking a spatial view of predation, a rough look at the urban and suburban space in America, will indicate that over 90% is rural and that even if as much violence occurred in rural areas as urban and suburban included, which it does not, than rural areas would still be 9 to 10 times less deadly to transit.
As it is, the truth is impossible for the podcaster or this doubtcaster to unravel, due to many blinds imposed by the FBI. The question of violence in suburban space is one that may well never be answered even as the nature of suburbs become increasingly more violent. Additionally, rural space is very often a place for aggression projected from urban and suburban space and almost never the opposite.
This reminds me of speaking with some ghetto gangbangers of the retired type and a sharecropper from Georgia, all working on the same night crew. When the young urban gangbangers, having escaped to various suburbs, asked old Israel Flood how he survived in “racist white Georgia,” he barked derisively in his lyrical drawl that he had never been attacked until he moved to Baltimore and a black man came at him with a chain, that the seven fellas who had knocked most of his teeth out outside of his Park Heights were men of his race, and that the best thing about Georgia was that if your car broke down on the side of the road that “some white man would surely pull over and help you get it fixed.”
Just as medieval priests named the Bringer of Illumination the Devil, so the modern priests, from horror movie writers, to newscasters and podcasters, now name the bringers of kindness and courtesy the scourge of humanity.
Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious
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Steve LovettNovember 23, 2019 11:35 PM UTC

There is not going to be any mass uprising of ghost folk raiding liberal enclaves till one important condition is met.Someone would have to convince ghost folk that unrestrained violence is legitimate in the eye of society ,my take on it.

I’ve watched ghost folk commit violence and enjoy it when they thought it legitimate in Iraq and Afghanistan .Ghost folk are very good at organized violence.As some wag put it when POC riot cities burn,when whites riot continents burn.
responds:November 25, 2019 10:48 AM UTC

Thanks, Steve.
CollinsNovember 22, 2019 7:56 PM UTC

Have you read any speculation about how, if there was a serious breakdown and a Red State vs. Blue State conflict, that the Red State would or could win just by cutting off the cities from food supplies? For example, William S. Lind at traditional right dot com? He quotes Mao as saying, “Take the countryside and the cities will fall,” and argues some sort of Red State Trump navy would help enforce a blockade.

I’m not sure I buy that, but your essay here implies, I think, another problem for the Reds in this hypothetical: that of urban light infantry being sort of already combat ready, willing, and able; having done recon in suburban areas; being in combat units of sorts already; being independently led and perhaps more responsive and aggressive to micro conditions. So, they might take the bridges and tunnels and lots of other choke point ground far out into the suburbs before the rural, let alone the mixed red/blue burbs know what’s going on. Is that a valid criticism in your opinion? Or am I already, to mix metaphors here, too far out to sea in terms of what should be publicly discussed, even if it’s mere speculation?
responds:November 25, 2019 10:49 AM UTC

Will use this as an article starter,

Ruben ChandlerNovember 22, 2019 2:21 AM UTC

We were laughing our asses off.................I have tears in my eyes. This is great stuff.........were it merely fantasy
responds:November 25, 2019 10:54 AM UTC

It is a fantasy, the dream of a darksome god who has rolled over into delerium after snorting lines of laundry detergent off a tranny stripper's plastic ass...