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‘They Take What They Want’
Crackpot Phonebooth: A Distraught Cashier Under the Heel of Reparations Recovery Agents
This company, with its union that takes its money up front while you make minimum wage and its managers that don’t do shit, is a joke. I’m fifty-five years old and the business I came up in making a good living is not paying shit unless you get into management and I’m not going there, so I’m looking for the door.
We were told in orientation that we had to show a higher level of respect to minorities. That’s not a problem for me, but the people they hired with me are all minorities and they don’t show respect to now one. One cross look and its on!
I work with this Latina girl who is sweet, beautiful, with a nice figure and big brown eyes, tall—and she is crying on my shoulder about her black boyfriend who she has two kids with and beats her up and makes her go out to work and I’m like, why does everyone think I’m their mother?
Most of the customers are mean, except for this one old black lady who always treats us nice.
I started with this one ghetto bitch who was a real character. After the first week, when we found out we didn’t get paid because the Union takes its money up front—I got paid, something like seventeen dollars for thirty hours work—she says, “Oh, Miss Megan, this shit ain’t flyin,” and just reached right in the till and took the hundred and fifty she hadn’t been paid. More power to her. I don’t have the guts for that. They do lane accountability so she can get away with it this week and be gone next week.
This place is bleeding money.
They have these hand scanners and customers go load up their bag and pay for what they scanned—the meat is on the bottom!
The self-checkout, I’m there for technical assistance but I can’t check their order against the receipt. They just scan what they want to pay for and throw it all in the bag. They take what they want.
The crime has gotten horrible—we’re five miles from the city and we have a stabbing across the street, a shooting in the mall and people stalking us on the parking lot. The night crew guys take us to our car. But until they come in, there isn’t a white face in this store from nine until midnight.
At ten at night we had ten to fifteen eight to ten-year-olds, just looting the place. We call the police and they don’t come.
At eleven we have five to ten twelve to fifteen-year-olds, pocketing what they want, riding the handicapped carts around like go carts and daring us to say anything.
The only time the cops will come is if the night crew calls. There was this one guy at three in the morning, hoody, black [1] backpack, looking in the windows, staying right at the front door. The night crew was afraid that he was going to get the bakery girl when she came in at four so called the police.
The cops actually showed up and talked to the guy. It turns out that he works at the restaurant and was terrified to wait at the bus stop at the mall at night, said he had been robbed and it was too dangerous, he was waiting for daylight to take the bus. The cops laughed in his face and told him to go over to the bus stop and when he asked them if they’d wait with him they laughed harder—fucking pricks.
I’m checking out of this shit show as soon as I get another job.
My long time lady friend and former coworker, Megan, is working close to the Essex Precinct of Baltimore County where I worked until 2 years ago. That corridor of eastern Baltimore County is adjacent to the section of East Baltimore where ebon warriors are being hunted to extinction by MS13. So, as East Baltimore becomes more violent so has Essex, where three bodies were dropped this past weekend. Overall, murders in Baltimore County are up 60% over last year, with 25 murders up to November of 2018 and 40 murders in the same period of this year. Essex has accounted for almost half of those killings.
-1. Megan and I both know 2 paleface female clerks and know of 3 paleface female clerks, between us, who were abducted and raped on supermarket parking lots by ebony warriors over the past 20 years. At Food Depot on Belair Road two brothers even came in with guns and raped two female employees on the sales floor a few years ago. So male coworkers are concerned about this in numerous locations. Not a single ivory-on-ebony rape has been recorded in Baltimore during the 38 years of my residency as an adult. This jives [pun intended] with the 2013 FBI report which compared over 13,000 ebony on ivory rapes reported that years to the 7 ivory on ebony rapes reported. I’d like to interview those seven dudes.
Rubbing Out Palefaces
Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback
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