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'When' 'Continents Burn'
Crackpot Mailbox: Discussing Rural versus Urban in a Civil War Context
Steve Lovett commented on ‘Rural’ and ‘Urban’ Nov-23-2019
11:35 PM UTC
There is not going to be any mass uprising of ghost folk raiding liberal enclaves till one important condition is met. Someone would have to convince ghost folk that unrestrained violence is legitimate in the eye of society, my take on it.
I’ve watched ghost folk commit violence and enjoy it when they thought it legitimate in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ghost folk are very good at organized violence. As some wag put it when POC riot cities burn, when whites riot continents burn.

To your point I suggest the movie Hold the Dark as an example of these two things coming together in an American mind. The wag was right, of course.

Collins commented on ‘Rural’ and ‘Urban’ Nov-22-2019
7:56 PM UTC
Have you read any speculation about how, if there was a serious breakdown and a Red State vs. Blue State conflict, that the Red State would or could win just by cutting off the cities from food supplies? For example, William S. Lind at traditional right dot com? He quotes Mao as saying, “Take the countryside and the cities will fall,” and argues some sort of Red State Trump navy would help enforce a blockade.
I’m not sure I buy that, but your essay here implies, I think, another problem for the Reds in this hypothetical: that of urban light infantry being sort of already combat ready, willing, and able; having done recon in suburban areas; being in combat units of sorts already; being independently led and perhaps more responsive and aggressive to micro conditions. So, they might take the bridges and tunnels and lots of other choke point ground far out into the suburbs before the rural, let alone the mixed red/blue burbs know what’s going on. Is that a valid criticism in your opinion? Or am I already, to mix metaphors here, too far out to sea in terms of what should be publicly discussed, even if it’s mere speculation?

Thank you, sir, for upgrading my speculation to essay.
Chittum's book, Civil War Two, discusses this and points out that, in the event of a violent U.S. breakup, violence will likely be county-by-county, that cops and military will feud along racial lines. He is probably right, but when he wrote in the early 1990s the military had been a bastion of American rather than POC-POZdom. These feuds will be won by Blue loyalists, by the drone jockeys and Forever Warriors and anti-paleface cops, for these factions have the 100% backing of all agencies and municipal governments, most judges, most politicians, all media [including One America and Fox news] and will result in our genocide if we fight without the assistance of a meteor, plague, super eruption, solar flare, God awakening form his 105-ear slumber, etc...
My basic theory of paleface flight and urban blight is this:
-WHITES [deracinated, Caucasian, economic-unit elites] have always hated palefaces.
-The necessity caused by the industrial revolution of WHITES having to share their gleaming cities with laboring palefaces galled them into greater soaring heights of hatred.
-Once domesticated with air conditioners and soda pop, palefaces were cucked into believing the police would protect them against the POCs imported to replace them.
-The Great War and its sequel were a means of eradicating the palefaces who had conquered or cowed the POC world on behalf of WHITES. It was a means of killing off those who no longer had a purpose, who had no more worlds to conquer.
-Industry was exported not just for profit, but to clear cities of paleface trash so that WHITES could eradicate the scum and replace them with less able underclass foes.
-In 1968, it became against the law for a paleface to defend himself and his against POCs and POCs drove palefaces from dozens of cities and have been hunting palefaces at an interracial disparity ranging from 4-to-1 to 2,000-to-1 depending on the type of attack ever since.
-The right of POCs to hunt palefaces has been upheld by the WHITE commitment to punish palefaces for defensive violence.
-Despite two world wars and the Korean and Vietnam paleface eradication experiments, it became clear to WHITES that there was something genetically persistent about aggressive paleface autonomy welling up in the bloodline. Therefore, addictive and emasculating drugs, passive TV rituals, sportsball and porn were invented to lure us into mass suicide, which has worked better than the wars and has been used to forge the jack-booted apparatus of state control, the drug warriors and police, all of which have no other ultimate purpose other than the eradication of palefaces.
-As in the early and middle Plantation Era, the war of WHITES upon palefaces is now fought largely by their proxy POC tribes.
-Ultimately, the war of WHITES on palefaces will be won by mercenary palefaces, fighting for the WHITES, just as the Indians, tribe-by-tribe, were defeated mostly by their own brothers, Geronimo by Apaches and Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse by their own tribal "police."
-The rural areas, where the paleface Christians will supposedly, according to the Lefty fantasy podcast 'It Could Happen Here' on I-heart Radio, be martialing, cutting off supplies and water and power to invade POC Blue metropolises, will be military targets and locked down by Army, Airforce, Marines, Internal Federal Militaries, contractors, biker gangs working for the CIA, Mexican Narco Gangs working for the CIA, and as yet unknown special police and military formations.
-In the suburbs, Antifa, BLM and Sharia militias on the FBI payroll, as well as police forces will be dedicated to paleface disarmament and eradication. I can even imagine the KKK and BLM working together, since they are both funded by the FBI. Even such groups as Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys will be infiltrated and turned and used as anti-paleface militia. White Nationalist organization will be infiltrated and used to purge palefaces and traitor WHITES and will eventually be armed by the Deep State and used to execute paleface dissidents. In Angola, Callan had his Portuguese Mercs hold their guns on his loyal English Mercs who were forced to execute the English Merc deserters. It will happen here. Did you know the Deep Sate toppled the Bolivian government a couple weeks ago? What makes us think they can't topple an online forum or survivalist group in their own wheelhouse?
-The SYSTEM developed by WHITES to farm palefaces, build their cities and use them to oppress POCs has now identified us as a virus and is jacking up monster WHITE blood cells to clear us from the bloodstream of their sacred GOD—their economy.
-This fight, if joined, is our nightsong. This fight cannot be won.

Example: James LaFond, Woke Devil, American Paleface, is determined to be a threat by the Zombie Occupation Government. As an undersized man of 56, with numerous physical limitation, no firearms or firearms proficiency, who would I have to defend myself against in a Civil War scenario?
Men 10-20 years younger than me, taller, stronger, faster, military and law enforcement combat veterans who will roll up on me 5 to 10 deep in body armor with a helicopter in over watch with between 20 and 20,000 PIG reinforcements within radio call depending on the municipality. Could John WU even direct an action scene where I take one of these Deep State goons with me, let alone an entire police force?
Sure, I'm supposed to scale up and organize, which just means that the federal version of these goons, bigger, badder, taller, faster, more heavily armed, will then slaughter my friends and I in our beds.
As Steve wrote above, there are plenty of effective, apex, killer palefaces out there and almost all of them have, are or will be employed by that which hates us with the passion a good housewife reserves for a pack of rats who have made their way into her pantry—you don't want to be those rats, bro, because that giant bitch is calling in the artillery and she will be cooking dinner for her husband's friend who snuffs out the rats and sucking her husband's dick for bringing in the rat-squashing heat.
Sir, in the eyes of WHITE America, Paleface America is a rats den in their back yard, which they would like turned into a tiki-torched resort, where their Latino maid toils, their negro chef bastes pulled pork, their Asian accountant counts their virtual coin, their vicious lawyers scheme on their behalf, and their victory over us deplorable ciphers is reshaped and retold by their transsexual bard. For now, their feral black dogs are tasked with biting our little rat heads off. If we should ever strike back at the dogs, the exterminator will be called. If we should actually attack the kennel or, Civilization forbid, the house, they will pump gasoline into our tunnels, set it on fire and then pave over that redefined space we once thought was our sacred place.
Civil War Two is a paleface tiger trap and the vicious ferals who attack us at every turn are the goat that the Great WHITE hunter has tethered there to draw us out of our retreats.
The great God served by the most able men of our kind is the Economy. If that dies somehow suddenly, horribly there might be a chance of paleface autonomy in remote regions. Otherwise, the best course to avoid paleface genocide might just be to pretend you are a soulless WHITE and hide your knowledge for future generations of your kind against that day when the WHITE economic race finally dies at the hands of its savage servants. Then, maybe we might continue our 4,000 year old Westward flight from urban blight either into some post-apocalyptic waste or up and away into space.
Under the God of Things
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KoanicNovember 26, 2019 4:24 PM UTC

You are a science fiction author; I am a science fiction character.

The riddle of steel's answer is flesh; the riddle of scale's answer is silicon.

"And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

It's still true. Does a mustard seed grow in a day? It drives its roots downward and rises, come what may. Likewise a man, though blind as a plant to the future and all but the tiniest sliver of the present, if he drives his roots into what the Bible truly says, and builds upward through storm and drought, can tower and propagate. Be unmoved, upon the First Mover.

I didn't know the Bible until I immersed in Scourby's reading on random chapter shuffle. He taught me the Iron Age ethos, when God last walked with man.
KoanicNovember 26, 2019 4:25 AM UTC

I choose a different path, that of evolution.

Those you call whites, I call Ephialtines, after the man who opened the gates at Thermopylae. The Old Testament contains the answer to that problem - the silence of Jabesh Gilead.

Evolution has at this historical juncture favored SCALE over the individual, and "whites" are those who pledge their loyalty to the Leviathan above their race. God is on the side of the bigger armies; at least, the god of this world.

Fighting evolution is pissing into the wind. But evolution is fair. For that reason, she is our friend, not theirs. She only awaits a worthy paleface champion.

Technology drives scale, scale drives technology. Why should either destroy freedom? Because humans evolved in the ancestral environment, and our social hardware is therefore optimized for small tribes. We are blind at scale, and when night falls, predators reign.

What of it? In the age of Deus ex Machina, <a href="">the blind see</a>. Only a cyborg can defeat the Machine, whose dwelling is not in flesh.

Either humans will augment their intelligence, or humanity will be enslaved by artificial intelligence. Long before AI attains consciousness, its blind adaptation to selective pressure will conform humanity to its needs. We will become gengineered servants of germs, a fate worse than death.

Therefore I became a psyborg. My mind is <a href="">one with the machine</a>, and free.

Evolution made mammalian brains plastic, in anticipation of the next leap. Just as a human can incorporate a limb into his body-sense via synced proprioceptive feedback, so also he can incorporate a digital extension of his mindspace. What's surprising is how low-tech such a fusion can be - mirrors and motors, keyboard and monitor.

Now when I think, I sync with a third of a gigabyte of plain text. In the postmodern dark, I see.
responds:November 26, 2019 10:06 AM UTC

This really appeals to me. Thanks.