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'Real Deal'
Crackpot Mailbox: Discussing Peek-a-boo Boxing for Guppies
Nov 22, 2019, 8:45 PM (4 days ago)
to me
Having the boxing knowledge of a guppy, I have no means of deciphering this. It seemed both showed something. Real deal?
Sent from Riley

Thanks, Captain, for this great clip.
What Alvarez is doing here is called Peek-a-boo or "philly-shell" boxing. the greatest proponents of this were either high energy short men or aging fighters. George Foreman in his comeback, adapted this style under the tutelage of "the Old Mongoose" Archie Moore, possibly the best Peek-a-boo artist in the game with the highest KO score of all boxers, at 135, I think.
-1. You need to be especially rugged and tough to do this in the gym enough to get this good. Normal specimens—such as I, who tried this and got worn down and out—need not apply.
-2. Ali did not do this. He was simply so tall he could lazily pull away and then hold on, although he did possess this level of rhythm sense.
-3. Once one expends the enormous amount of energy in sparring and gets hit a whole lot, he develops a rhythm sense that permits him to sucker the more mechanical opponent into high tension energy expenditure and places himself within the wheel house of his foe on "off beats" and can counter with power.
-4. The highest dividend is in the advanced timing stage when the peek-a-boo man divines when his opponent its going to throw then slides an intercepting "cut-off" punch in that causes the foe to add his energy into his being hit. Foreman did a slow motion, Godzilla version of this to take the title from Michael Moorer.
-5. This only works in kickboxing if they do not permit knee strikes and axe kicks.
-6. In MMA this is only viable if you are the better wrestler.
-7. In stick fighting you are risking the back of the head—not recommended.
-8. In a knife fight where you have a knife and he does not, this is great, which is the idea behind the slower, harder hitting boxer using this. If he has a knife or you both have a knife, this is suicide.
Thanks for the walk down memory-loos lane, Captain.
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