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‘An Adult’
A Crime of Love or a Stroke in the Conquest of Timid Space?
On Saturday, September 28 an unidentified male adult “race unknown” who had jest debarked from the Mass Transit line out of the Upton neighborhood of West Baltimore, an area so bad it can no longer host a boxing club, an area where someone was recently stabbed by a mass transit user, an area so thickly populated with demographically anonymous human predators and targets that it is no longer possible to identify the racial identity of dead bodies or body modification specialists…
Eh, okay. Let’s reboot this introduction.
Some dude stabbed five people at a liquor store and Noodles and Company eatery in upscale Hunt Valley, Maryland after demanding reparations—which does lead one to suspect that he is ethnically Yomish. However, Baltimore County Police are currently under orders to de-attribute the attacker, to render him anonymous and render him not as human, not as a man of violent action and human distinction, but as a force of social chance, a random slave to a weapon which jumped into his hand and demanded that he take action on the part of some evil—and therefore pale—economic will.
This poor, pathetic, economic automaton has bene visited the ultimate injustice of having the ghostly hand of some ancient paleface slave master raise him from his bed and force him by an imposition of diabolism to stab five beneficiaries of pallid inequity for no other purpose than to draw the wrath of the police and be killed in the course of his beautification.
It is hoped that the victory of evil is not total here, that the beautification of this martyr in the grace war will elevate him to sainthood.
Do note, that whatever number of murders have taken place in the shadow-veil of Baltimore County, where the violence of Baltimore City is being exported to and concealed behind a media wall, goes untallied.
[I wrote this on 10/14/19 just 2 months before Baltimore County, awash in Blood, released a number of 40 murders on the year where 25 had been the tally in 2018.]
The Baltimore County body count, previously an anonymous killing field, has lifted its complaisant veil.
Baltimore City currently has [311] killings on the year, headed for one of the tree bloodiest years ever, even as it exports violence to Baltimore County.
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