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Sarah, A Little Militant in My Heart
Crackpot Podcast 69 & Hijas de su Madre
Welcome to a special edition of the Crackpot Podcast! As everyone knows, the Alt-Right is a Latinx movement and today we have a genuine Latinx woman on the podcast to tell you all about it. I hope that you all can understand her accent, and if you can't, too bad.
The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, leader of the Neanderthal Right, and Lynn Lockhart, Latinx anti-feminist reactionary.
* * *
Once again, you will be required to scroll past a screed of mine which had been in drafts for months.
Thanks to Lynn for doing an extensive treatment of a form of modern none African American slavery going on as we listen in this lead-in to the podcast.
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