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Crackpot Mailbox: From B Sirius Not James LaFond! Warning—PC Violations Are Toxic, Read at Your Own Risk
what do the post office and kinney's shoes have in common?
b Sirius
Mon, Nov 25, 2:50 PM (4 days ago)
forgot to give you the punch line
b Sirius
Mon, Nov 25, 3:05 PM (4 days ago)
thousands of black loafers
I loved going to package pick up in Venice, Ca. The pick up room was about 12 feet wide. There was about 6 feet from the front door to the counter which crossed the whole of the 12 foot width. There was four feet behind the counter and then an eight foot wall and a four foot pass through to the back. There was a convex mirror on the passage wall so the workers could see you at the counter.......obviously unaware you could see them too....... There was a desk bell you rang when you came in. When you rang it the ebons, mostly females, would come lean on the sorting table that was behind the wall and watch us in the lobby area. They thought we couldn't hear them call us mothafuckas and all that. They would wait until you gave up and were leaving to ask if you needed something.....if they responded at all. I was a project super in Ybor City, Tampa, when the historic post office there burnt down and the mystery of the 7 month back up of the delivery of junk mail was solved as the ebon workers accidentally set the structure on fire throwing their cigarette butts in the piles. They burnt down most of the post office but fire fighters managed to save the massive backlog of junk mail. We had a similar problem in Berkeley, Ca...with them not wanting to deliver certain mail. Last but not least but somewhat unrelated. I was a call taker in a road service emergency capacity. My phone rang nonstop. Call after call after call. All my ebon co-workers are reading. I took 400 calls one day to their 10 and there are 29 of them in the room. I asked what there were doing. They said getting over on whitey. I said you getting over on your friend, me. When time came for my performance review I got rated average and got a quarter an hour raise like the rest of them. I produced evidence, like the stack of my 400 calls in hardcopy to their ten. They insisted I was doing an average job, just doing what anyone SHOULD be doing. I took my phone off the hook too, after that. My co-trainer at Venice Youthbuild was a former Reparations Redistributer as well. He showed up on time, clocked in, locked himself in my office and slept all fucking day for two years and his ebon superviser was okay with it. office losing money? I am not at all surprised. They are one of the largest employers of the race. You didn't hear it here.
James LaFond
Tue, Nov 26, 9:22 AM (3 days ago)
Will post this under B Sirius. Thanks!
b Sirius
Thu, Nov 28, 3:53 PM (20 hours ago)
LOL........................It's all true. May not make me any friends.............happy holiday.............i love people who tell me happy thanksgiving and then apologize for not having first asked me if I'm religious. It is not a fucking religious We're not doing turkey. I've never cared too much for football. Growing up, my house was full of military goons watching the boob tube. I was five three and weighed about 98 pounds in 9th grade.

Google Searches
b Sirius
Thu, Nov 28, 6:11 PM (18 hours ago)
I love throwing random stuff into the search box and presto.....................(search for jigaboo pepperbelly news) and we get this:
That porch monkey Obama resulted in this:
Primate in Chief: A Guide to Racist Obama Monkey Photoshops - The Awl
by Abe Sauer. People are outraged — outraged! — that a senior GOP official from Orange County, CA sent an email about Barack Obama that questioned his place of birth. But we’ve all become so numb to the “birther” conspiracies that the outrage wasn’t at all about the absurdity of a party official confronting the president of the United States about some conspiracy theory. Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories - CBS News
Today informed its staff via email that they should no longer enable comments on stories about presidential candidate Barack Obama. The reason for the new policy, according to the ...
not to mention this (i need a drink):
Don’t Call Me ‘Porch Monkey’ - The Daily Beast
Don’t Call Me ‘Porch Monkey’ As a liberal Muslim challenging Islamists and engaging atheists, Maajid Nawaz has been vilified by leftists who sound an awful lot like bigots.
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Ruben ChandlerNovember 29, 2019 4:31 PM UTC

I wanna party with this bSirius person!!!
responds:November 30, 2019 7:57 AM UTC

Me too!