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Pale Addendum
Crackpot Mailbox: News of the Dying Race from Bruce Lie, Autumnal Son and Shep
The pale American genocide, initiated in stages from 1965 through 2001, has born its vary-hued fruit. In the way of a hint, consider these news links sent this week to this one person by a handful of concerned souls and note that none of these things are of media concern, do not ignite the national news hysteria in the way that a single act of teenage verbal cruelty would on a school bus—and that such "hate crimes" upon close examination all turn out to be hoaxes, such as the case alluded to here, in which a young ebon queen claimed that two pallid teens threatened to cut her hair, making front page news, whereas the discovery that it was a lie did not even make back page news.

Looks like money and social status is becoming less of an insulator
Wed, Nov 27, 5:39 PM (2 days ago)

Melania Trump receives boos, cheers at summit in Baltimore
The Autumnal Son
Tue, Nov 26, 8:16 PM (3 days ago)

What the left doesn't want to mention about NYC hate crimes
The Autumnal Son
Tue, Nov 26, 8:15 PM (3 days ago)

Subway criminal slashes rider who refused to give him his cell phone
The Autumnal Son
Tue, Nov 26, 8:14 PM (3 days ago)

Actress Jennifer Agostini, friends attacked leaving bar: suit
The Autumnal Son
Tue, Nov 26, 8:13 PM (3 days ago)

Sat, Nov 23, 12:39 AM (6 days ago)

Feral hogs in Texas attacked and killed a woman outside a home - CNN
Tue, Nov 26, 3:50 PM (3 days ago)
And they made fun of then guy who had a assault rifle, to protect his children from hogs. I'd want a clip with 20 rounds minimum for hogs, remember, any gun in America can assault someone, or something. They want them all.
The Dispossession of White America in 13 Maps - American Renaissance
Tue, Nov 26, 1:47 PM (3 days ago)

Thu, Nov 28, 5:26 PM (19 hours ago)
to me, Lynn
Soon, under the Demoncrats, all martial arts, for whites, will be illegal.
Watching a Bruce Lee movie with or without a beer, will become an act of terrorism.
Sounds "reasonable," in a postmodern kind of way.
Cheers, Bruce Lie

Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious
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