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Song of the Bitch Queens
Crackpot Mailbox: An Astute Reader Corrects a Sourcing Oversight
It has been so for a few years, that the content of my books, including an entire series of history books, are reader driven. Also, Lynn has a crew of I think five proof readers, volunteers, which flatters me to know end. I would like to assure these men that when I die, the royalties from sales of books proofed by them and edited by Lynn go to her and hers.
I sit humbly honored.
Thank you.

Daughters of Aryas & the Nibelungenlied
Thu, Nov 28, 2:09 AM (2 days ago)
Mr. LaFond I salute you,
You really sparked my curiosity with this one, and made me think. Being German, I noted a curious absence of the "Nibelungenlied" as a source in your musings on masculinity and honor culture. I wonder why that is, and if I might suggest you take a look at it, while concerning yourself with female influence on Aryan warfare. For once it is an outstanding example of two bitch queens stirring up trouble that sends many a good man to the grave, on a large scale. And for another it highlights how the shining hero is led on, and in the end killed by the jealousy, envy and hatred of his wife and a former lover, a daughter of Wotan himself nonetheless.
Not even to speak of Kriemhild whoring herself out to a chieftain/Khan of her ancient racial enemies, the Huns (note the irony), to finally get her revenge on her own brothers.
Also the loyalty of the Nibelungs, "Niebelungentreue" is an old fashioned German term for loyalty unto death, even if the cause is lost, and even forsaking honor. Now I wonder who used that one to set pale-faced youth to murder one another in recent times.
I also had to think of it since I really look forward to your treatment on Beowulf, as the Nibelungenlied shares many characteristics with it. Like heathen origins and morals, and sort of the same outlook on the official figures of authority - the king or jarl basically being an envious sissy in conflict with the hero. Or how both epics got used and abused from the 19th century onward, as "national epics", by British and German " scholars" respectively. Again to stir up trouble and send better men to die. Maybe your eye patch just reminds me of Hagen von Tronje. The old evil heathen element/bastard in a world turned Christian and fake.
If you are interested, I'd like to gift you a copy of Ryders verse-by-verse translation as a yule present. Just give me an address, po box or whatever.
Cheers & have a nice day
PS.: There is an old austrian guy playing the harp, who recorded the whole Nibelungenlied medieval mistrel style. You can find excerpts on youtube, his Name is Eberhard Kummer. If you want to indulge the inner history and language nerd that is:

Sir, I have viewed the first of the two silent movies and was particularly taken with the totemic graphics throughout, with each character represented by an animal. I will find a text. Indeed I have a friend who can read the original and ask her to recommend a translation. I do thank you for noting that this gaping hole in my Aryan boat needed a plug.
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Ruben ChandlerNovember 30, 2019 2:40 PM UTC

J.R.R. Tolkien's well researched translation it really good. I like Sean Heaney's quite a bit. I like the versions with the original language on one page and english on the other, especially with a pronounciation guide.
responds:December 1, 2019 11:50 AM UTC