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‘I’m An Illegal Alien’
What Happened to Ken the Kang’s Kar
Ken the Kang, scion of the ancient astronauts who raised the pyramids like magic from the desert sands, was driving his common-law wife in Harm City, Ivory Irene, to work, in the car they share for job transportation in and out of the deadliest city in America from their rental in Harm County, Thugburbia.
While travelling through a green light, a Latina ran her red light and ploughed Ken’s Kangly chariot into the curb, bending the axle, or so he supposes, with his vast knowledge of automotives welling up in his blood from his ancient ancestral knowledge into the forefront of his woke brain.
Ken and Irene dismount from the chariot of kangdom to ascertain if the woman is okay and she busts into tears, alternately clinging o both of them and begging them not to call the police because she is “an illegal alien, and Trump will take me away!”
Ken takes her insurance information and they both agree to call the insurer of the Latina, as Ken only has liability, his car being paid off. The insurance company does agree that that woman was insured by them, but inform Ken that she is not answering their phone calls to confirm the accident. Than Irene, her cocoa-anaconda-smitten brain awaking for a brief moment, recalls that the Latina was wearing Hospital scrubs and a registered nurse name tag…
Of course, Ken wants to stride into that hospital and bitch-slap the ho, but the father-in-law is counseling restraint…
What does this say about current social norms?
The Latina realizes that being an “illegal alien” is more advantageous than being a citizen or a legal immigrant.
The ebony and ivory duo think otherwise, that illegal immigrants are the most put upon and abused folk in their version of reality and that it is more important for the illegal to go free than it is for them to be compensated for the illegal’s dangerous actions.
Also note, that the cuckold mind is not exclusive to ivory idgets like Boomer Fred, financing his daughter’s degradation, but is apparently contagious, perhaps sexually transmitted from ghost to roast folk.
So fell Ken the Kang from his once mighty throne.
Note: Fred the Boomer, Ken the Kang’s ivory in-law, tried to rent a car for the young prince, but cash is no longer accepted by the rental agency. Interestingly, I recently discovered that cash is no longer accepted by the Baltimore County Recreation Council. One must pay for athletic involvement electronically.
Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time
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