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Boxing Crash Course
Training up a TaeKwonDo Fighter in Five Days
His name is Modesty in the language of his people. Discovering that his neighborhood was temporarily housing a homeless boxing coach, this kind, athletic man, 5’ 11” 160 pounds, a TaeKwonDo student, wished to have a crash course in boxing. Having worked with him over the course of a week, I think that he is at least twice as effective with his hands and mobility than he was our first night.
Athletically he is above average, having played soccer in his home country in school and even some pro tennis. He is intelligent enough to absorb “why” as well as “how,” which I suspect will make him an effect self-coacher.
Below is the compressed training record. Each session was about an hour and utilized the coach for checking drills and a high-quality floor-mounted heavy bag which can be tolerably punched with bare fists.
-touch drilling on the bag
-goon-surfing with the coach
-slapping the bag with the 1,1,2,1 combination with the focus on hand span from lead shoulder to lead thumb, the blind jab for closing from out-of-range, and equidistant step-drag
Review Monday’s material for first half of session than add lateral footwork to the 1,1,2, 1 drill
To reverse lunge
To draw step
To posted jab
To safety pivot
1, 2 pivot drill
1, 2 side-to-side drill
Lower legs were too tight, so he soaked and stretched
Review material with about 30 minutes of coached bag work
Reviewed material with 30 minutes of coached bag work
Applied fist to all punching drills and shadow boxing;
Vertical fist to nose
Pronated fist to chin
Three-quarter fist to forehead
Shovel hooks on bag from six inches
Offense-defense drill, blocking straight punches with inward rolling forearm blocks
Reviewed material from previous segments with 40 minutes of bag work
Practiced hook component drills
-Shovel hook on bag
-Wing block
-Elbow slash
-Hook slap over pivot
-Hook slap over side-step
-Reviewed material as southpaw and found him weaker on footwork as a southpaw and stronger on the jab.
-Used a closed guard rather than open as he plans on pursuing TaeKwonDo
-Used cut-off punches to replace upward and outward blocks from TaeKwonDo
-Practiced gliding lunge to shoulder check to jam front leg kicks
-Practiced knee-drop pivots to keep guard
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