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'Were the Baltimore Riots a Soros Operation?'
Crackpot Mailbox: Aloha Po Wants to Know
Thanks you from the western edge of the empire
Dec 10, 2019, 9:13 AM (3 days ago)
to james
Hi from Hawaii Mr. Lafond (LaFond?),
I’ve been a fan of your appearances on podcasts (Myth of the 20th Century, Dennis Dale, etc) for a couple of years. Your un-ornamented analysis of the world shorn of artifice, and bereft of the political (correctness and intent) is appealing and has helped my understanding of same. I am never bored when you are speaking. Today I bought and read your book War Drums. I will recommend it widely as you appear to be one of the few people reporting on the unspoken causes and crimes of those days in Baltimore in 2015.
Back before people like myself on the dissident right were purged from the online social space, lest we cause an inconvenient epidemic of crimethink and (((noticing))), I was a fairly active lurker on the Chans. One day on 8chan a thread appeared from a gentlemen who told a story of visiting his 20 something loser brother’s flophouse apartment near Philadelphia. He described his brother as a black sheep who was a lifelong lazy shiftless POS. While the brother was out running an errand OP (original poster) said he rifled through a bag in the apartment and found documents which appeared to be from a ANTIFA/Soros org which appeared to be the result of a higher level strategy session who’s goal was to direct the Baltimore riots towards specific targets - a la the WTO protests in Seattle circa 1999. He posted photos of several of these pages, one of which was a map.
Anything online can be bs. Perhaps this was disinformation meant to send the autisties of 8chan on a wild goose chase for personal amusement…...perhaps it was real, but ANTIFA/Soros never implemented the plan. Hard to say, but in my day job I work as a geographic information systems analyst, which is a fancy way of saying I make maps. I took the photo of the target list map and stretched and corrected it to match the layout of the city streets of Baltimore and then using media reports correlated the target list with the businesses that were actually hit. The correlation was high.
All that said, after reading your book I am more inclined to think those “leaked” ANTIFA pages might be bs as the map only focused on the city center of Baltimore and from your book it sounds like those areas received the most protection. Do you have any thoughts on this? The media reports of businesses sustaining damage seem valid - there’s no advantage to the press making that up. Could it be that there was a separate “ANTIFA riot” downtown? I am happy to forward all of the data to you if you care to see it btw.
Lastly (if you have read this far thank you), I think Soros et al are happy to have blacks burn down cities and with BLM/Ferguson were paying blacks to do so. Do you have any insight on what the point of it is? It only seems to wake up slumbering suburban Whites. In fact, I think Soros pulled the plug on BLM funding once the optics became too tarnished. Is he looking to start a race war out of mere bloodlust? I see the disarmament of Whites as the last major hurdle globalism, inc. faces so is that it? Cause enough rioting/bloodshed that martial law is imposed and the military then sweeps up ebil Whitey’s guns?
I realize these are politically charged/provocative questions to ask of a stranger so in advance I will request that you please excuse my bluntness. Please take care of yourself and if you are ever on Maui you have a place to rest your head.

Okay, Mister Po, you doxed yourself in this so I changed your location and name, but your profession is vey relevant so kept it.
The progress of the purge followed the same lines, but more deeply, as the 1968 riots and the deliberate displacement of my ancestors by enemy tribesmen engineered by the Deep State and the Shallow State from 1955 through 2015. Every thinking paleface in the Baltimore Area always knew what the invasion routes would be, as they are all well-known raiding paths and blightways, across which we have ventured and retreated for generations as the ebons and the PIGs have pursued us to the very borders of various neighboring states as we have been driven nearly to extinction.
Put it this way, Mister Po, if I know that a wrestler and a boxer are likely to fight, I can tender such advice to either as would suggest that I incited and even planned the bout.
The self-described Baltimore "purge" of April 2015 was a perfect shit storm that was coopted by those who reframed it as a riot, then as a sacred rising, then as justifiable unrest.
Thanks for being one of only 5 people to buy War Drums.
History and current events had informed all interested parties that there would be violent upheaval in Baltimore after the media had done their job with the depiction of ebon men as the only targets of police crime. Like trying to find a single ultimate cause to WWI, I think looking for a single cause to the events described in War Drums misses the point.
So, I will attempt to answer your thoughtfully blunt question as much as possible.
What the events of the dying days of April 2015 represented, was a convergence of criminal will rising from the meet-puppets of Harm City even as their various masters used them for the easily incited avatars of their own filthy will...

Media Masters
The macro-political will of the Deep State is worked mostly through the media priesthood, who cultivated the false duality of the "white-over-black" "cops all white" "criminals all black" "black all good" "white all bad" over the course of two years in order to incite violent social unrest. The purpose for this was to discredit municipal police in favor of federal police and to effect the moral elevation of African Americans over European Americans in order to accelerate suburban blight and urban gentrification and rural disarmament, all endgame goals of the Deep State. The behavior of ebon Americans is so easily controlled through media suggestion that they have been designated as the desirable "free-range" livestock of this animal farm, where they are charged with keeping more willful chattel in their assigned pens and more importantly herding them to more central pens.
For this reason, suburban Baltimore County was the real Deep State target of the purge [us subsequent federal and NGO action against Baltimore County, forcing it to finance its own blight, has indicated], a target stripped of its defense to protect the urban center where the morality drama played out. As I write, Baltimore County Police no longer patrol! This ended in some precincts on April 27 2015 and is now the case in all precincts.

Corrupt Police
BPD officers used the unrest as cover to pillage alongside rioters, to execute dissident citizens and witnesses to their crimes and otherwise increase their personal fiefdoms.

Crip 52 and the Black Guerilla Family
These honest criminal gangs used social media to compromise police patrolling and used high school prospects to fight the BPD in order to facilitate their pillaging of 35 area pharmacies and as many jewelers, primarily to corner the market on opiates and phentanyl.

Globalist NGOs
These organization, such as BLM, have goals which are identical in function if not intent to those of the Deep State. Two non-African American organizers could be seen instructing and leading like special forces officers with an insurgency in the early stages. They vanished when the Maryland National Guard showed up. Soros clearly abandoned BLM when he had some of its mixed-race leaders executed in staged lynchings about a year ago.

The Shallow State
On the face of it, the DOJ acted in such a way as to encourage maximum unrest, I suspect, in passive coordination with the Deep State, in order to develop Baltimore as a federal oversight prototype, being the largest metropolitan center near to the seat of Gog and Magog on the Wild-goose-river.

Does the fact that lions, leopards, hyenas, jackals and vultures stalk the same watering hole mean that they are working together or that it is all just the will of the hyenas expressed through their rivals' actions?
In 2015 we saw evidence of Antifa and BLM working with police to harass and arrest motorists on I-83, the Shallow State serving slow pitch policing and terrorism opportunities to the Deep State, police gangs and honest gangs pouncing on the prostrate body civic like hyenas and jackals on a lion kill in a veritable orgy of converging interests as the media lens focused left while all the killing was going on offscreen to the right. Remember that the Lie of peace and security and protection and service that is American municipal propaganda is nothing but a livestock pen of the mind where we are all herded to be fleeced, milked, fucked, butchered, cucked and skinned by whatever cowboys show up at the grisly rodeo. The fact that some of these cowpokes will knock each other's teeth out in the scramble to harvest our woe does not mean that any of them are innocent.
We currently live in an era in which the ebon kang is our honorable master. But once he has been used to witlessly hound us to the extremes of civil society on behalf of his masters, he will be thrown nothing but our guts as our prime cuts are reserved for the master class. And, in the end, he will be tied back up to the clothesline pole in the backyard and starved of all the false affection and worship afforded him now as he bays at our throats on behalf of our mutual masters, who, in the end, desire us as brood cows and pleasure slaves and him as the slathering wretch we are thrown to for failing to grab our greased ankles when commanded.
I do not indulge the sentiment that Pale America is some reluctant reservoir of heroic reactionaryism. I see our kind as a liger—the great pale pussy cat giant—a cross between the majestic lion and savage tiger which has inherited none of the qualities of either parent, but lounges as a wan shade in this zoo of degeneration called Civilization.
War Drums: Forty Miles from The Big House
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Ruben ChandlerDecember 13, 2019 10:09 PM UTC

Just grabbed my copy and am settling in for another wild ride!
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Thanks, Bro!
Ruben ChandlerDecember 13, 2019 10:07 PM UTC

Given the layout certainly fits the bill of an NGO/gov't operation. Chilling to think of.