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as embarrassing as it is
b Sirius
Wed, Dec 11, 9:53 PM (2 days ago)
Hi James,
A band I used to be in, and who incredibly ripped the members off, has just released 3 cd's of shit recorded in my basement. I was never paid so............I have the same tapes, recorded on my machine, in my studio, on my time in the mid nineteen a half a gig of rehearsal tapes...........I overplay my drums like hell during rehearsal to pare it down to essentials on gigs, there are some excerpts of live shows here, and other stuff. So, half a gig of china white heroin fueled (I was doing a granda day at the time) not to mention the booze and ganja bill .......... free to your site visitors.........:
The - Free File Hosting
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bSiriusDecember 13, 2019 10:01 PM UTC

Thanks for posting James. We were a big deal once upon a time. We were bootlegged almost immediately. Shortly after recording our first album and before the album's release, my sister called me from Tampa saying I heard your album, it's great. Paul Westerberg, from the Replacements, liked our version of the 16th century English children's song, "Mr. Rabbit" so much that he covered it as well. We got our version at Magic Flute records. It was a Burl Ives album of, you guessed it, 16th century English children's songs. Again, thanks for posting. I hope everyone grabs a copy, that said we were a pretty eclectic group. At the height of hardcore punk we were called an Elizabethan psychedelic group.