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The Pain Scale
Crackpot Podcast #70
I do not remember doing this podcast.
I hope I was not too big of an asshole and that I did not mispronounce the identity of any sacred race.
Thanks always to my literary savior, Lynn, who rescued me from my inner abyss when I was going insane trying to figure out how many books I had written...

Time Stamps
0:01:55 James LaFond PDF bookstore
0:06:50 Book of Nightmares
0:08:40 Under an Iron Crown, dreams
0:17:50 The Gauntlet
0:25:30 The Axe
0:34:40 Drunken Agon
0:41:10 Ray Robinson Rocky Graziano
0:44:00 Crackpot Crime evaluation rubric
0:51:30 Habitat Hoodrat
1:06:20 Da PO-LEESE
1:15:50 Chuck Norris rule and dogs
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