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Angry Playdough
Crackpot Mailbox: Riley, SS Sam, Baruch, Han Silo and Author Fonzarelli with the News of the World
These are news bits and opinions that are not mine, which some of my favorite readers have been kind enough to tender for your cerebral delectation.

Tue, Dec 17, 7:17 PM (2 days ago)
In 1983 I was on the same train going into Sydney station. Some guy decided to commit suicide by jumping under the train, with the body somehow ending up being under our carriage. The train was stopped for two hours as they scrapped all the bits and pieces up. I sat on the side of the carriage watching the clean up, at one point even eating a camp pie sandwich.
The only other time I saw a human body shredded was just down the road where I live, a Greek had taken a guy who had banged his wife for an execution, and emptied a pump shot gum into him many times. I came by on foot as the CSI guys were trying to find allof the bits, untidily scattered over the vegetation. I even helped by finding one piece of flesh. It looked like bloody chicken, and stunk terribly.
Happy days!
Arthur Fonzarelli

Job the Wolof
Wed, Dec 18, 10:42 AM (23 hours ago)
So, his name was Job, son of Shlomo, son of Abraham, he was intelligent, and didn't believe in Muslim heaven?

daily timewaster: Does it get unstable over time, like dynamite?
Mon, Dec 16, 8:21 PM (3 days ago)
Sent from Riley

The History of World
Tue, Dec 17, 6:33 PM (2 days ago)
As seen in the comments on the Z Blog, from a fellow calling himself Ant Man Bee. Thought you might a kick out of it, at least the first parts.
-Han Silo
History of the world in several thefts…
1. The Hellenic Greeks stole the Eastern Mediterranean (Anatolia, Syria, Judaea, Aegyptia), but because they had superior Hellenic culture and vitality, the theft was okay and things worked out fine.
2. The Romans stole the East from the Hellenes, plus they also stole Gallia, Brittannia, Hispania/Lusitania/Galicia and Belgia from the Celts — but again, since the Romans had superior culture and vitality, the theft worked out okay.
3. Meanwhile in the far East, the Han people of the Wei River valleyin Northern China were busy stealing pretty much all of Southern Asia, but since etc etc we know how this story goes.
4. Cascading waves of Germanic psychopaths operating out of Central Asia stole all of Roma, Italia, Latium, Scythia, Thracia, Illyria, Germania, Gallia, Serbia, Hispania, and North Africa, and turned it intowhat we now call Europa. They had plenty of vitality but not much culture, but since the conquered peoples already had oodles of culture, things worked out okay in the long run.
5. More cascading waves of Arabic psychopaths, operating out of the Arabian peninsula, waving around their ludicrous Koran, as well as very good horses and Damascus steel, stole all of the Levant as well as Aegyptia, Africa, Persia, Babylonia, and Hispania. They too had zero culture other than the babblings and ravings of their imbecile fake prophet, but the Greeks and Syrians had plenty of culture, so things worked out okay.
6. The Germanic psychopaths, who now called themselves the Franks, had nothing left to steal so they began to cultivate themselves and mysteriously turned themselves into the most sophisticated people who ever lived — except perhaps for the Sung Chinese, maybe. These Franks tried to steal the Levant during an interlude called the Crusades, but it didnt work out so well.
7. The Turks, operating out of Central Asia, not only managed to ruin T’ang China (see An Lu-Shan Rebellion) but also ruined Byzantine Greece/Roma, managing to overrun Anatolia and Constantinople, and ruining things for many centuries of Serbians, Hungarians and Viennese.
8. Timur the Lame managed to kill tens of millions of people in Central Asia and single-handedly destroyed the blooming civilizations along the Silk Road and Northern India. He’s a big reason that Central Asia (budding great places like Tashkent) are much less Indo-European than they used to be. Didn’t steal much, but set back human development by who knows how many centuries. Far, far worse than Hitler, but nobody mentions him because he didn’t kill any Jews. He fancied himself the “Sword of Islam.” So, I guess… thanks a lot, Islam.
8a). Oh, the Mongols. Right, almost forgot. Didn’t accomplish anything other than killing lots of people, wrecking civilization, and burning the great libraries of Baghdad, thus keeping the Moslems in check. But sure, yes, let’s not forget the Mongols.
9. Sea pirates from Hispania, Frankreich and Brittannia discovered that the world’s richest, most prime real estate was only guarded by a small handful of Stone Age retards, so they killed off all the retards and stole what turned out to be the Americas. Cha-Ching!
10. Jews realized that now the Americas, the richest prize in all human history, were only ruled by a bunch of short-sighted dim-witted goyim, so after letting the goys do all the work of developing and building the place, the Jews utilized financialization, nepotistic/racist strategic takeover of all institutions and choke points, plotting and scheming, and general Semitic sleight-of-hand to steal the United States, and thus half the world, which is now controlled by them.
Which leaves us at Z’s current chapter about central banks and the Federal Reserve, which is politeness-talk for rule by Jews.
Meanwhile Chapter 11 is waiting to be written, wherein the Han Chinese are noticing all these developments, have plotting and scheming skills of their own, and are not hindered at all by Holocaust guilt-trips…
-Han Silo

Hi James,
Julian James was mentioned in your article. His book ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’ is a good sourcebook.
SS Sam
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bSiriusDecember 19, 2019 3:36 PM UTC

SS is a copy of the book should you need one. It is a favorite of mine. Interesting, the appellate Ant Man Bee, although I seriously doubt that the blogger inspired Captain Beefheart's Magic Band to write and record the song for the now world renowned (well, a little less than) 1960s "Trout Mask Replica". A good name, must be a fan of the Cap'n, such as I. The Z blog snippet is quite edifying.
responds:December 19, 2019 4:33 PM UTC

Thank you, sir!