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The Trajectory of Blightful Harm
Violence and aggression have a general gravitational pull on the human, from the individual to the mass social organism. Killing has a more specific gravity, is more the tool of the mass mind control machine than is general aggression, and is the focus of our infantile media mind.
To most Americans, “mass shootings” are the great danger of our day, a danger that can only be solved by either military-occupation levels of policing or total disarmament of the non-criminal population.
But are mass shootings what makes a habitat unlivable?
Below is a comment I posted on a crackpot podcast which was recorded when I wrongly thought that a mass shooting was one which hit three or more folks, conflating my understanding of the serial killer profile used by the FBI with that of mass shootings, which the FBI has categorized solely to label shootings using long guns [which have a military footprint] or handguns used my people with military levels of efficiency as more threatening to U.S. citizens.
But are they?
Or are these types of shootings just more of a threat to the government that owns U.S. citizens as quivering media chattel? second ago
The FBI uses a review system based on the Texas Tower shooting from the 1960s and one has to hit 4 individuals, and I think must kill 3. I haven't read this for a month or two and am fuzzy on the details. In any case, the mass shooting criteria are based on determining if a long gun has been used or—like the 1980s postal killing—that a trained handgunner was involved. In other words, the FBI qualifies mass shooters as folks who would be dangerous to a tactical squad. For an untrained handgunner popping off it is almost impossible to kill or drop four people who are scattering this way and that. Colin, perhaps due to his pro law enforcement bent, has stopped doing the weekly butcher's bill, where he was demonstrating that every week there were more ebon-on-ebon shootings of three or more folks than all ghost ape long gun mass shootings per year. Essentially, mass shootings are classified in such a way as to preselect for ghost shooters being the penultimate enemies of the state.

The comment above reflects the fact that military-occupation levels of policing are desired and will be augmented by disarmament of non-criminals.
I am predicting that criminal organizations and NGOs will be used, openly, not surreptitiously as in 2014-16, as auxiliary police forces by 2024.
Note that the current educational guidelines which call for suspension and expulsion of bullied and attacked children for the heinous crime of self-defense, are simply conditioning for our near future civic slavery guidelines.
So, I give you America’s most dangerous crime space, Baltimore, Maryland, where not a single FBI-identified mass shooting has occurred this year, once again proving that the mindless ebony menace in our society is our only chance at salvation as the amoral ghost herds flock, fold, school and stampede around the notion that all violence is wrong and our ebony master race, martyred on the cross of some other pale person’s anachronistic privilege, continue to demonstrate their belief that violence has its place:
332 murders on the year
5 murders in the last 2 days
Murders in the last 30 days disabled by the Baltimore Sun website
Race of victims disabled by the Baltimore Police Department Number juking division
Murders in the first 18 days of December = 19
Of 19 killed:
-6 were “black”
-1 was “white”
-12 are “unknown” possibly colonizing aliens from Sirius or Alpha Centuri
The Eastern District, Southwestern District and Western District all have over 50 killings, making each of those 3 of 9 precincts roughly twice as deadly as the city of Portland, Oregon, which has about 50k more people than Baltimore.
All deterrent policing has been assigned to the tiny Central District, around the tourist locations and government buildings, which has only logged 11 murders on the year, with armed tactical squads patrolling like it’s a war zone.
The Southeastern, Southern, Northwestern, and Northeastern districts all have more killings on the year than Portland did in 2018.
The Northern District, the only majority ghost district in Baltimore City, has only 20 killings.
Asphyxiations, shootings, stabbings, unknown causes of death and blunt force killings are all up, which is explained as totally driven by legal long gun ownership in rural and suburban Maryland, despite the fact that over 98% of shootings in Baltimore are with illegally owned handguns, and that all are in an urban setting.
America, I give you your most lethal living space, home to not a single FBI-categorized “mass shooting.”
The Great God of Things that owns your media mind and mortal body is constructed of nothing other than lies, and if you are a good citizen, you will never, ever permit yourself to belief that plain and simple truth.
So-called “truth” is the enemy, citizen.
Let the Weak Fall: A Guide to Urban Strife for the Misanthropic Man
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Ruben ChandlerDecember 19, 2019 4:37 PM UTC

Ooops...............yeah, it got all black on the bottom, sorry. It's so hard to get that carbon off. Really pooched Jerry Garcia, having that foil black all over his face, leaving the foil on the dashboard, and nodding out in his car, right in front of my place in SF back in the day.
Ruben ChandlerDecember 19, 2019 3:20 PM UTC

What a devastatingly thought provoking piece of journalism Mr. La Fond!!!
responds:December 19, 2019 4:34 PM UTC

Where is my tinfoil hat!

Did you hide it?