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Why Stay in Bad Places?
Crackpot Mailbox: Bryce Sharper Wants To Know
Bryce Sharper commented on Unspeakable Dec-21-2019
10:31 AM UTC
"I am exiting Baltimore very soon—it’s just too nasty. "
Why do the white rabbits of that area pretend like nothing's wrong and that Bodymore is only unsafe if you're in a bad area?
Don't they understand that cars enable people from bad areas to get to good areas in a matter of minutes?
I got to experience the moral and spiritual blindness of these white rabbits recently. It was a real eye-opener. The whites of the Bereft Coast have a similar blindness about Mexicans and what they mean for their dying culture.

Let me give you the shorthand of why people remain in Baltimore City and Baltimore County:
Their housing value is plummeting.
Their jobs, which they generally cannot get elsewhere at the same wages, are within driving distance, often in the same shithole city that houses their attackers. For most working people today, leaving a job means going to a minimum wage job, even in the same industry.
If they could sell their house with enough equity to buy a similar house somewhere in the region, where could they go:
Washington D.C.?
These are both major shithole cities that are not as dangerous as Baltimore but a lot more expensive.
Small Pennsylvania towns like Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Reading, Easton, Pottstown, Hershey and Indian Town Gap, are generally 30% Latino, 15% ebony and are refugee resettlement locations with liberal governments seeking more welfare settlement.
Western Maryland is home to three federal prisons and 3 hours away from the job market.
West Virginia is 2 hours away from the job market with no local work available.
Hagerstown and Frederick Maryland are Central Maryland shithole cities with a prison.
Nice, rural communities abound within a half hour of this job market, which is a loop from D.C. to Philly, with Baltimore County center mass.
You could buy a house in someplace like Mount Airy, for a half million and up, with horse farms and wineries—within a half hour of West Baltimore and the bloodiest little shithole city in America, Capital Heights Maryland.
The non-gentry row houses in Baltimore are selling between 75 and 200K. How does one sell that and buy up to 300-500K just to get another half-hour away, knowing that the hoodrats will be bussed in before your 15-year house note is paid and those values will plummet?
One does not.
There is no safe space, none.
Hoodrat overrun and immigration saturation are here.
Here are some reasons why people I know are staying within 30 minutes drive of America’s most dangerous space.
Mom: Just paid off her house and is living on social security. She has no option other than an old age home where she will be beaten and robbed by giant negresses.
Sister: Her income is fixed at half of her mother’s income and will not advance. She is hoping to stay in Mom’s house and be able to afford to pay the taxes as the invasion laps at her door.
Ron: He works in Baltimore. His daughters and father live in Baltimore and Baltimore County. He would like to buy a house in West Virginia but would not be able to help dad or daughter in a pinch and would have to drive 2 hours to work with a fucking metal pin in his hip.
Sensei Steve: He has a big house note for a house valued at 280 which he can only sell for 240 and he is almost 70, working as karate instructor at what amounts to less than minimum wage after he pays his space rent.
Miss Ezz: Her house is almost paid off. If she sold it she would not be able to buy a house anywhere safe and would have enough money for 3 years of rent in a decent area, then be homeless.
Chris: same as Miss Ezz.
Darlene: same as Miss Ezz.
Nancy: Her husband just died and she has paid off her house with the insurance money, but can’t sell it for enough to move anywhere safer than Baltimore County. She could pay rent for five years in a nice apartment off that money—but what if she lives into the sixth year?
Joe: He made good and is making six figures, is planning on selling his Baltimore Area row home and buying a million dollar house in a gated community a half hour away so he can stay in contact with his roughly 20 impoverished and retired and stuck family members.
So here we are with Joe’s dilemma. Yes, he flies round the world for work and could live anywhere. But, does he want to abandon his entire family?
I came back to this shit hole town to visit on and off for three months because there are people here that I left behind, abandoned them to the savage tide. And, everywhere I go, from Park City, Utah, to Portland, Oregon, to Rural Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Colorado, the rich bastards who have moved there to escape the danger they spawned, are importing the savage pets that will one day rape their daughters, beat their sons and kick in their back door.
I have seen nowhere to run, not even Whitefish, Montana, which already has public schools with yellow school buses, meaning that the hipster elite will be teaching February as Woke History Month to soft little minds and importing third world dishwashers and landscapers and dope dealers to service their degenerate needs. How can a race without the courage to cut its own grass, wash its own dishes, or deal its own drugs, ever survive, and should it?
Right now, I sit in the dining room of a lady’s house, a former girlfriend, whose many treasures and life memories I have packed in boxes and totes over the past year so that she could call in a moving van at a moment’s notice, if, somehow, she found a place she could afford to live in on 1,000 dollars a month. Ten feet from this keyboard is a third-world style access denial structure I built with bailing wire and other materials to keep the savages at bay. When I head west in a week she will be left trembling and alone, behind these barred doors and windows, her grown children having fled the state for safer parts—according to the mantra of the Nuclear family which was the foundational model for this nation-not-a-nation, taken directly from genesis—armed only with a few phone numbers of men I coach in case she has to be evacuated from an active ebony uprising.
When she bought this place, it was an all ivory neighborhood and the most distant house she could afford from the nest of those feral savages the State has charged with hunting her from her little toil-bought hidey hole.
What’s a little rabbit to do when the hounds have run her to ground, she’s old and hurt and tired, and the bitch-hounds over the hill are weening another brood of dogs to bay for her soft throat?
What are any of us to do?
I’ll keep coming back to visit and help and offer some protection to friends and loved ones I have abandoned to Cruel Fate. And one day, I think it is rational to expect, that I’ll slip a notch that will permit the enemy in blue or his ally of ebon hue to stand victorious with his foot on my old chicken neck.
Until then, I have yet to find the small town with affordable lots, available jobs, friendly neighbors and a “no savages beyond this point” ordinance where my collective human connections could evacuate to. And if such a place existed, rest assured that 100,000 Nigerians would be flown in at taxpayer expense to settle in tents across the river, upstream most like.
End Time America is here to stay.
Welcome to this Dark Kangdom.
Combined, Baltimore City and County have about 400 murders for 1.2 million people on the year, 333 of those in the City of about 590k.
Rubbing Out Palefaces
Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback
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KoanicDecember 23, 2019 7:52 AM UTC

In the Bible, not only were the Jabesh Gileadite men punished for failure to contribute to collective defense, their families were destroyed with them. This betrayal by traitor whites goes way beyond Jabesh Gilead. Their deeds have destroyed many Aryan families, and not by the swift stroke of a merciful sword, either. I believe it would be appropriate to have them fed as families to hungry sub-Saharan cannibals kept for that purpose, as an televised historical warning unlikely to ever be forgotten.
responds:December 24, 2019 7:38 AM UTC

A man wrote a poem called The Sotweed Factor in 1708 in which he laid just this curse on Maryland.
Bryce SharperDecember 23, 2019 12:10 AM UTC

Your view is very similar to mine. So property rights are essentially gone.

The future is in making your own job and in not needing to live near jobs. The corporations have no intention of hiring us anyway. Corporations are not going to increase wages. Live near family; make your own job; stop being a wage slave. We must all work towards this.
responds:December 23, 2019 5:41 AM UTC


And it is bothersome that so many folks choose not to recognize the obvious.

I think these are people who could not handle the stress induced by admitting reality into their conscious life.